Worker-Controlled Indexation of ALL Wages, Benefits and Pensions! (Leaflet for TUC demonstration)

RMT contingent on 18 June TUC cost of living march

This is the Communist Fight leaflet that was distributed on the TUC demo this afternoon.

Demand FULL COMPENSATION for Inflation!

NATO’s Nazi-Loving Sanctions and Tory Thievery Are Hammering us — ZERO TOLERANCE!!

Working-class people are being crucified by profiteer-engineered inflation with parasites pocketing the loot. Sanctions against Russia, part of the proxy war that the Biden administration initiated, with support from the Tories and New Labour, have massively increased the problem. These neoliberal plunderers engineered a coup in Ukraine in 2014 to bring to power Ukrainian Nazis and their political servants, who for eight years massacred and brutalised the nearly half of Ukrainians who speak Russian. Eventually in 2022 Russia sent its troops into the South and East of Ukraine to protect its people.

Western-funded Azov Nazis captured in Mariupol

Now they are demanding that WE PAY for their fascistic war. Instead of using relatively cheap Russian oil and particularly gas, we pay US suppliers who search for new sources of oil and gas, though we should be phasing it out to move towards non-hydrocarbon energy and save ourselves and our children from the disastrous consequences of climate change.

They demand that we pay triple our fuel bills, £2 a litre for petrol or diesel (and rising), and a massive hike in the price of basic foodstuffs driven by the same hikes in transport costs. Food shortages have been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. How come? For one thing, it has now been established, but not reported by the billionaire press, that NATO client Ukraine mined ports in the Black Sea, where grain and other food-stuffs are exported. In other words, it’s
the West’s allies causing food shortages, part of punishing Russia for defending itself against 30 years of NATO expansion, and 8 years of ethnic war and terrorism against Russian-speakers in the Donbass. Ukraine is the only country in Europe that has openly Nazi regiments in its forces – like the Azov Regiment.

We should have no truck with this, nor make ‘sacrifices’ for it. The Western media is full of lies, fake stories about Russian soldiers raping babies, and other lies invented by Western-backed Nazi propagandists. Russians are targeted for racism: those politicians who say ‘keep politics out of sport’ when anyone complains about racism and Israel, or the old South Africa, are banning academics, athletes, musicians, dead cosmonauts, and books by dead authors, for being Russian. And they expect us to ‘sacrifice’ – freeze or starve (or both!) – for their Nazi-loving war effort.

Even before Ukraine, there was a surge of inflation, fuelled by Brexit tariffs and the mountains of money filched by Tory privateers. Johnson repeatedly sabotaged public health measures that should have protected us against Covid, partying at our expense while tens of thousands died of neglect. He handed billions to his mates in corrupt contracts. leaving us with one of the worst death rates in the world.

We should demand full indexation of everyone’s wages, pensions and benefits, which should rise directly in line with RPI, under control of committee of trade unionists and other workers, claimants, pensioners, etc. If it takes a general strike to get that, so be it. Instead of mouthing platitudes, union leaders should be initiating grass roots campaigns all over the country. They should use militant methods of struggle – strikes to catch up pay and benefits with inflation, disruption of roads and transport until they pay up, mass-based defence guards to resist bailiffs, brutal police and fascists, our own tradespeople to reconnect people who have been cut off from energy supplies, etc. All union leaders and politicians like the wretched Labour Party, who claim to speak for us should be put on the spot and challenged to lead mass actions to stop these attacks: or get out of the way to make way for others that will.

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