Educational Materials

The following presentations contain useful material from Consistent Democrats’ educationals, generally held on Sunday afternoons, which are useful for understanding the politics of revolutionary Marxism.

Fascism: What is it? – 27th August 2023 Discussion of Trotsky’s Fascism: What it is and how to Fight it. (Pamphlet by Pioneer Publisheers, first published 1944.)

Bonapartism and Fascism – 24th Sepember 2003. Discussion of Trotsky’s 1934 essay Bonapartism and Fascism.

On Trotsky’s “The Class Nature of the Soviet State” – 8th October 2023. Discussion of Trotsky’s 1933 Essay.

The Workers’ State, Thermidor and Bonapartism – 22nd October 2023. Discussion of Trotsky’s 1935 Essay

The Revolution Betrayed, by Trotsky

The Revolution Betrayed – Chapter 1 – 5th November 2023. Includes: 1. The Principal Indices of Industrial Growth. 2. Comparative Estimates of These Achievements 3. Production per capita of the Population

The Revolution Betrayed, Chapter 2, Part 1 – 19th November 2023 “Military Communism”, the “New Economic Policy” (NEP) and the Course Toward the Kulak