Against the new Coup! Lula president! For a National Meeting of Popular Committees of Struggle!

The Decline of the American Empire

The 21st century has been marked by the decline of US imperialism. The US has been racking up military defeats and retreating in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine. The hybrid wars it orchestrated in Hong Kong, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Belarus and Kazakhstan have been defeated. And what worries imperialism is the unstoppable process of expanding the trade blocs led by China and Russia.

Imperialism, increasingly desperate to maintain its dominance at any cost, resorts to hybrid wars, parliamentary, electoral, Nazi-led coups d’état, lawfares, massacres, bacteriological/chemical weapons and may even call for a world nuclear war.

In Brazil, imperialism prefers Bolsonaro to avoid strengthening the BRICS with Lula and will support the 3rd coup since 2016.

The Military Party

The Armed Forces are the armed wing of the imperialist control of Brazil, they are part of the US global repression through the Southern Command. The generals act as a military party, in a centralized way, with a program independent of the Executive and international orientation. The military supported the impeachment and the coup that took Lula out of the elections in 2018, they have already announced their strategic plan to continue controlling the country, in the executive positions, in the maintenance and expansion of the measures taken by the coup governments, in the privatization of SUS and of public universities. 

The Nature of Bolsonarismo

Bolsonarismo is a political movement designed to deepen the new cycle of capital accumulation against the working population and natural wealth. The current semi-fascist government is the most radical political-police faction of finance capital’s offensive against the proletariat. It is composed of military, militia, bullet, bible and ox benches. It emerged with the coup within the coup in the 2018 elections and was supported by Trump. It used the lawfare promoted by the Lava Jato operation supported by the STF, the Legislature and the media, to project itself politically.

But Bolsonarismo is different from the previous ruling bourgeois parties, such as the Tucanos and the PMDB that supported its rise. This difference lies in the influence of the masses, permanently regimented and not just in electoral campaigns. Therefore, it is not enough to defeat Bolsonarism electorally, it is necessary to crush it politically, not defend its representatives under any circumstances, not make a united front with it, expel it from the streets.

The Judiciary Party

The STF (Supreme Court) is the Central Committee of the Judiciary Party, the most autocratic power in the Republic. When the traditional parties of the bourgeoisie are in a crisis of hegemony, other powers assume the role of “organization of society” and of “political/ideological leadership”. The STF is a co-optative bureaucracy, whose “bionic” appointment by the executive is approved by the legislature and today is the main “guarantor” of the coup process. The STF and Globo’s media power represent the two main fractions of the bourgeois opposition to contain the particular excesses of Bolsonarism for the general good of the coup regime.

The broad front of the PT with the coup plotters

Instead of betting on the political organization of the great mass exploited and oppressed by the coup plotters, building Popular Committees and strengthening the street, union and popular struggle, PT (Workers Party), PSOL (Socialism and Liberty Party) and PCdoB (Communist Party) chose to expand the popular front with historical enemies of workers such as Alkmin and the PSDB (Socialist Democracy Party), and the Network. This tactic paves the way for new defeats, new blows.

The popular front would have much greater power of social mobilization than Bolsonarism, with the CUT, MST, CEBs, hundreds of mass union and popular organizations, but it renounces this power in favour of conciliation with fractions of the bourgeoisie that supported the entire coup process. against the left itself and the people. Therefore, the coup process was reversed in Bolivia, by popular pressure in the streets, in one year, and in Brazil we are threatened with a new coup within the coup. 

The upsurge of the regime against the people, the social fighters, and their parties

Having conquered the neutralization of the power of popular mobilization of the liberal-reformist left, the coup process starts, at that moment, to suffocate the rebels, from the virtual resistance (in the case of the PCO) to the parliamentary resistance (Renato Freitas/PT; Glauber Braga/PSOL) of opposition to the coup/privatist/racist process. They persecute the PCO (Workers Cause Party) because that party’s audience has become the virtual extreme left of Lulismo. They hunted Renato for fighting racism. They persecute Braga for questioning the privatization of Petrobras. At the same time, repression against the exploited and oppressed population with fascist methods increases. This was the case of the summary execution of Genivaldo de Jesus Santos in Sergipe in the “Gas Chamber” of the federal highway police, in a clear state terror operation, when Genivaldo committed the same traffic violation that Bolsonaro commits on his motorcycles. They executed the indigenist Bruno Pereira and the journalist Dom Philips in Amazonas for being obstacles to the policy of violent expropriation of indigenous lands and natural resources promoted by the Bolsonarist bourgeois regime.

Is it possible to defeat the new coup

As in Bolivia, it is possible to defeat the coup, arrest Bolsonaro, continue the struggle to break the cycle of accumulation supported by the super-exploitation of workers and by socialism. The central task of the working class at this moment is to defeat the Bolsonarista movement. It is necessary to avoid his re-election/coup, defeat the strategy of the military party, and that of the judiciary and media parties (which aim to discipline Lulismo), and nationalize all strategic companies, including the media and the Central Bank to liquidate the cycle of coup accumulation.

For a National Meeting of Popular Committees of Struggle

In the war against fascism/imperialism we critically support Lula’s candidacy. The popular force of this candidacy must be grouped and organized for the struggle in committees in each place of work, residence and study. We need to hold a National Meeting of these Popular Committees of Struggle to prepare resistance to the ongoing coup, defend the right of the proletariat to elect Lula and ensure that his mandate meets the demands for which the working population votes for the PT candidate.

It’s needed:

Revoke the entire political legal legacy of attacks on the rights and living conditions of the working class (counter-reforms and privatizations).

Freeze commodity prices and tariffs/taxes. 

Make up for all salary losses for the period. 

To defeat Bolsonarism and coupism at the polls, it is necessary to mobilize the population on the streets.

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