US/NATO sponsored terrorism is a danger to Europe!

The following is a statement released under the umbrella of the WORLDONFIRE (Worldwide Network against Fascism, Imperialism and Exploitation). Endorsees are listed below:

The US and Zelensky are getting desperate about the looming prospect of defeat in Ukraine. They know full well that their vaunted ‘triumphs’: the limited advances they have made in the environs of Kharkov and in parts of the Donetsk Peoples Republic are worth very little. All they have done is expose that Russia’s Special Military Operation to defend the Donbass people and De-Nazify Ukraine, should have been done as a proper mobilisation, not run on a relative shoestring as has been the case so far. Their outrageous terrorism against the Donbass and Crimea has finally provoked Russian retaliatory attacks by conventional forces on Ukrainian infrastructure – a strategically inevitable response .

Zelensky has not a prayer of subjugating people who clearly don’t want to be ruled by his Nazis once their volunteer militias, which have suffered from NATO’s covertly deployed mercenary troops, are reinforced by the full complement of 300,000 extra Russian professional troops whose deployment is being prepared now.

So Zelensky, and his US backers, have shifted from war fighting to acts of international terrorism, taking a leaf out of the book of Osama bin Laden and ISIS.

First we had the political murder of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russia’s right-populist cheerleader and theorist of a multipolar world, Alexander Dugin (claimed by some to be directed against supposed ‘fascism’, but carried out by agents of the Ukrainian regime that worships perpetrators of the Nazi holocaust like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shushkevitch, who are celebrated with statues and murals all over West Ukraine).

Then there is the blowing up of the Nordstream 1 and the Nordstream 2 gas pipelines between Russia and Germany by US imperialism. And following that there is the truck bomb on the Crimean bridge, an act of terrorism against civilian infrastructure by Nazis aimed squarely at the mainly Russian population of Crimea, who as with the mainly Russian-speaking population of Donbass, don’t want anything to do with Nazi-Maidan Ukraine whose government supresses the Russian language and even murders those who speak it.

Both of the latter two actions have failed: part of Nordstream is still intact, and it is still possible for Russia to supply Europe with gas. And the rail bridge, and one of the road carriageways to Crimea, are still operating. The other will be rapidly repaired.

Comrades of Europe
The bombing of Nordstream particularly was not only an economic ACT OF WAR against Russia, but it was also an even greater economic ACT OF WAR against the people of Europe!

Comrades of Europe:
Are you going to allow the economic DESTRUCTION of Europe, by such ACTS OF WAR against the people of Europe, that was done by US imperialism and its Nazi proxies?

The economic sanctions on Russia, imposed by European governments at the behest of US imperialism, have completely backfired! They have strengthened Russia’s economy, while sending Europe into an economic crisis. Europe’s economy depends on Russian gas, Russian grain, and Russian fertilizer!

US imperialism was becoming alarmed by the developing political situation in Europe, where massive demonstrations began to demand that European governments ditch the sanctions on Russia, by reopening Nordstream 1& 2.

Comrades of Europe:
Are you going to allow Europe to be put at risk of becoming the front line of WWIII, against Russia, at the service of US imperialism?

Are you going to allow Europe to continue to defend the fascist Ukraine regime, that was installed, by a coup, in Kiev, by US imperialism, in 2014?

Do you really want to be on the side of the Nazis, in this current battle against fascism, led by Russia? Do you want Berlin, Paris or London bombed by these terrorists once they become angered that NATO has not bombed Russia as Zelensky demanded, triggering off a nuclear war? Do you want these US-backed Nazis, who would happily see all of us vapourised, calling the shots in Europe?

Comrades of Europe:
Now is the time to organize MASS DEMONSTRATIONS against all US military bases and US embassies in Europe, DENOUNCING the US imperialist ECONOMIC WAR against Europe as well as the US/NATO sponsored PROXY WAR against Russia!
European economies are crashing!


Comrades: We can do this! We must do this!

Endorsed by:

Anti-War West Sydney
Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (GB, BR, AR, US)
US Friends of Soviet People
Socialist Labor Party (Costa Rica)
Socialist Fight (GB)


Mike Gimbel (US)
Karin Hilpisch (Germany)
Robert Montgomery (US)
Fernado Ximenes (East Timor)

To endorse this statement please email: no******************@pr****.me

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