A call to the comrades of the Global South oppose the war on Russia!

As the workers of the Global South understand deeply, it is the region that suffers the most from US-led imperialism, it is where it obtains the greatest profits and prosecutes its most vicious wars and coups. 

The Global South, for centuries, has been the centre of bloody exploitation of its people and its lands by the imperialist powers. It is, however, an arena not just of exploitation and oppression, but also of resistance and revolt against western colonialism and imperialism.

The Global South’s popular leaders who resisted or crossed imperialism, such as Allende, Lumumba, Ghadaffy, Hussein, Arbenz, Najibullah and Mosaddegh have been assassinated, to name just a few.

Cuba has suffered more than 60 years of economic blockade.

Vietnam and Korea were devastated, with millions murdered by the US military, in bloody wars.

Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, with millions killed and millions more made into refugees.

Indonesia saw the greatest mass slaughter, of over one million communists, in 1965, in a US sponsored coup that installed the Suharto military dictatorship.

US-led imperialism economically supported and supplied military aid to the Expansionist Indonesian ruling class’s massacre of 200,000 Timorese people, one of the greatest genocides of the 20th century!

Argentina’s Malvinas Islands are still occupied by the US imperialist subordinate ally, the UK. 

Venezuela continues to be sanctioned by US-led imperialism, and its gold reserves were stolen, while a US puppet, Juan Guido, is purported to be its ‘Real President’!

Haiti is currently occupied by US sponsored “UN Troops”, after the US military kidnapped its elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristede.

The Dominican Republic, in 1965, after the people overthrew its US supported dictator, the revolution was bloodily crushed by the invasion of 50,000 US marines.

Syria is still suffering under US occupation of its oil producing areas, after suffering huge US sponsored terrorism, resulting in massive death and destruction and millions of refugees.

The Palestinian people have suffered 74 years of oppression at the hands of the US imperialist backed Israeli Apartheid Zionist state. Israel’s role in the Middle East, is to punish all enemies of US-led imperialism in that critical oil-producing area.

The countries of Central America have suffered, repeatedly, from coup after coup, that were sponsored by the ‘Monster’ from the North’.

Half of Mexico was seized and colonized, by the US.

Somalia has been made a bloody victim of the bombs of US imperialism.

The Congo has suffered millions of dead, in civil wars, as a result of the US sponsored coup that overthrew Patrice Lumumba.

Libya has been reduced from the richest country in Africa, under Ghadaffy, to a crushed, blood-soaked area of civil war, in an utterly destroyed country, by US-led imperialism.

US imperialism is threatening global war, over the issue of Taiwan, which virtually every country, including the USA, recognizes as part of China.

Pakistan has suffered coup after coup, sponsored by US-led imperialism, including one just a few months ago, along with numerous drone strikes from the US military, against its own population.. 

The list of US imperialist crimes against the Global South goes on and on! The Global South has been victimized by their colonialist master for too long!

The Global South is, now, gravitating towards the China-Russia alliance, for obvious reasons! The Global South, if anything, has a greater stake in the outcome of the Ukraine War, than does the people of the Global North! 

The war in Ukraine is a pivotal moment in the global struggle against imperialism. It’s outcome will help determine the global balance of class forces. 

The war in Ukraine, under the leadership of US imperialism, is now a grand imperialist alliance of imperialism that seeks to return Russia to the status of a semi-colony. They will then turn their attention to crushing China.

The Kiev regime, established in 2014 by the Euro-Maidan coup, is fascist. It is racist, and it destroys even basic bourgeois democracy. Moreover, the US imperialism is using that fascist and racist in order to expand its terriotry for exploitation. The essence of the Kiev regime is that it is an imperialist subordinate regime.

However, Putin regime is not a revolutionary regime of the working class. The difference is that the Kiev regime in western Ukraine is a subordinate of the imperialists, and Russia, on the other hand, has been treated as prey by imperialists. The Putin government is a bourgeois Bonapartist formation that oppresses the working class at home, that is compelled to fight the pro-imperialist Maidan Nazi project to defend itself. The working class has a common interest with that government in that, but must maintain its own class independence and support Putin militarily but not politically. 

The US is the dominant colonial power controlling the world, but it is being threatened and weakened by the economic challenge of a rising China and its alliance with Russia.

The defeat of US-led colonialism will be an historic victory for the Global south!

Now is the time for the Global South to move to action! Your future depends on a Russian victory.

Now is the time to take to the streets to:

Support the victory of Russia against Imperialism!

To support the struggle of the Donbass people against NATO imperialism and Nazism

To oppose all sanctions against Russia!

To fight to close all US foreign military bases, north and south! 

Whilst the workers of the Global North must fight to overthrow imperialism in its centres of power, a victory over imperialism must be waged globally.

Comrades of the Global South will you take up this banner and carry it proudly forward? We have a world to win! Now is the time to act!


Anti-War West Sydney (Australia)

Brazlian People’s Communist Party (Brazil)

Bolshevik Group (South Korea)

Classconscious.org (Australia/USA) 

Communist Revolutionary Action (Greece)

Consistent Democrats (LCFI-Great Britain)

Communist League (LCFI – Brazil)

Hawaii Friends of the Soviet People (Hawaii – US)

Militant Trend Bolshevik (LCFI-Argentina) 

Socialist Workers League (LCFI- USA

Red Line (Greece)

US Friends of the Soviet People (USA)


Nick Clinker (Greece)

Karin Hilpisch (Germany)

Alex Jordan Dillard (USA)

Mohammad Basir Ul-Haq Sinha (Bangladesh)

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