Paris Declaration – Endorsed by Marxists Speak Out and Component Groups

The declaration republished below was endorsed by the Marxists Speak Out/Worldonfire bloc of revolutionary Anti-imperialist Communists and Socialists at the end of last year. Along with some of the individual components of that bloc, including the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International, Class Conscious, and the Bolshevik Group of Korea. Notwithstanding a reservation particularly about the characterisation of the USSR and the People’s Republic of China as historically ‘socialist’, when we consider that the socialist elements of these planned economies were undermined by the bureaucracies which ruled these degenerated and deformed workers states. However despite this point of historical difference the declaration is a clear, class based anti-imperialist appeal with which we heartily concur.

The body that initiated the declaration, the World Anti-Imperialist Platform (, replied that they wish to engage in a process of testing out the politics of those who wish to endorse the declaration before accepting endorsements. Obviously this is related to the Trotskyist politics of Marxists Speak Out and its components. However, considering that some of the chief organisers of the Paris Declaration, particularly the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)  are also proud supporters of the Stalin Society, we regard this response as grounds for optimism. These circumstances demand unity and collaboration of all subjective communists against imperialism, and it has always been the position of genuine Trotskyists that we urgently seek united action and mobilisation with those involved in the official Communist movement against imperialism. It is very unfortunate that only the collapse of the workers states, and the old bureaucracy with it, and now this imperialist proxy war to colonise and subjugate Russia has made such collaboration a realistic possibility, but that is a matter of history.


We stand at a moment of grave peril for workers and oppressed peoples everywhere, in which the imperialist war drive is pushing us towards a third world war and a nuclear conflagration.

Even as Nato’s aggression in Ukraine is failing both militarily and economically, the USA’s desperation to save its hegemonic position in the world means it cannot back down, but is instead looking for ways to expand and prolong the war. In the face of all experience, it seems that the imperialists still hope they can find a way to wear down all resistance to their rule and come out on top.

As a result, we face the prospect of the Ukraine war spilling over into neighbouring countries in Europe and central Asia – and also of the outbreak of hostilities in several other theatres further east. Recent US provocations in Taiwan, alongside its ceaseless ratcheting up of tensions with the DPRK and China on every front, make this all too clear.

At this moment of historic importance, we, the undersigned parties, agree that the following essential points should be made clear to the masses of the world, and should guide our antiwar and anti-imperialist work:

  1. That the slogans of true anti-imperialists in this time must be: Defeat for the Nato-led imperialist alliance! Victory to the resistance! No cooperation with imperialist war!
  2. That the present war in Ukraine is not the result of ‘Russian aggression’ but of this western imperialist drive to war – in particular, the war drive of the USA.
  3. That the war really began when the USA and its allies financed, armed and organised a fascist coup in Kiev in 2014, and that the Russian side, in its alliance with the peoples of the Donbass, is engaged in a war of self-defence and national liberation against imperialist attack.
  4. That the war drives against China and the DPRK are also a result of imperialist aggression, and that, no matter who fires the first shot, if the threatened conflicts break out in Korea or Taiwan, those wars will likewise be wars of anti-imperialist self-defence and national liberation waged by the Korean and/or Chinese people.
  5. That Russia and China’s ability to defend themselves and others does not indicate expansionist ambitions or imperialist economics; it is based in decades of planning for self-defence, initiated by the socialist governments of the USSR and the PRC.
  6. That there is no economic data to justify characterising China or Russia as imperialist. These are countries that do not live by superexploiting or looting the world. They do not put other countries into military, technological or debt slavery. On the contrary, the beneficial terms of trade and the technological and military assistance they offer are giving smaller developing countries the chance to break out of imperialist enslavement.
  7. That Russia and China are the targets of imperialist aggression because both by retaining their own independence, and by assisting other nations to gain theirs, they represent a serious threat to the imperialists’ world hegemony.
  8. That the growing alliance between Russia and China offers hope to the people of the world: hope of an alternative to US domination and imperialist superexploitation. A strong anti-imperialist camp is our peoples’ best defence against the aggressive plans of the bloodthirsty Nato alliance – our best defence against the looming threat of nuclear war.
  9. That antiwar activists must mobilise the masses in their countries for a campaign of active non-cooperation with the imperialist war effort aimed at sabotaging Nato’s war machinery in every way possible. We must refuse to fight in or assist Nato’s armies (direct or proxy). We must refuse to transport Nato’s men and materiel. We must refuse to allow Nato’s bases to operate unimpeded on our territories. We must refuse to manufacture or supply Nato’s armaments and other vital equipment. We must refuse to broadcast, print or distribute imperialist propaganda lies; and refuse to cooperate with imperialist trade and sanctions wars.
  10. That the accelerating war drive, economic crisis, hunger crisis, environmental crisis and more all make it abundantly clear that the need to remove the imperialist economic system is more urgent than ever.
  11. That the slogans of true anti-imperialists in this time must be: Defeat for the Nato-led imperialist alliance! Victory to the resistance! No cooperation with imperialist war!


Initial signatories

Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Britain
People’s Democracy Party, south Korea
Pole of Communist Revival in France, France
Korea is One, Belgium
Baltic Platform, Eastern Europe
Communist Party, Italy
Communist Party, Switzerland
Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan
Eastern Initiative, Eastern Europe
Hungarian Workers’ Party, Hungary
Italian Communist Party, Italy
National Association of Communists, France
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Serbia
Spanish Avantgarde, Spain

New signatories

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), Chile
Socialist Workers Party, Croatia
Platform for Independence, Greece
Communist Party of Peru (Patria Roja)
Collective of Struggle for the Revolutionary Unification of Humanity, Greece
People’s Party of Panama
United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Unión Proletaria, Spain

The declaration remains open for socialist and anti-imperialist organisations to sign, and the number of signatories is expected to grow significantly over the coming period as the imperialist war drive intensifies and spreads and the Platform continues its work.

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