LCFI Statement in Defence of Cuban Revolution

No to the Gusano mobilization that is being prepared in Cuba as part of imperialism’s hybrid war against the workers’ state!

For the unconditional defense of the workers’ state of Cuba!

U.S. imperialism – within which the Gusano bourgeoisie is an organic component – as part of its criminal campaign against the workers’ state is promoting through the use of hybrid warfare techniques a right-wing mobilization this November 15 in Cuba.

From imperialism itself US officials have issued a series of statements in support of the upcoming demonstrations.

“The United States shares the vision of the Cuban people: democracy, prosperity, and human rights. We support their right to peacefully assemble on November 15 and call on the Cuban government to allow freedom of expression and listen to the people. Their voices cannot be silenced,” wrote  Brian A. Nichols, Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

Obviously, the “freedom” to which the imperialist officials refer is the freedom of international capital to exploit the workers of Cuba by imperialism itself and by the Cuban “people” refer to the counterrevolutionary elements that participate in the right-wing mobilizations. Just as the “human rights” in the mouth of the main promoter of genocidal dictatorships on the continent – US imperialism – does not go beyond the right to exploit the authentic people of Cuba.

Only sectors corrupted or blinded by bourgeois public opinion can in the name of the “left” not see the imperialist maneuver –including above all the Gusano bourgeoisie – behind the right-wing mobilizations that are being prepared in Cuba for this November 15.

It is the duty of all those who identify with the basic principles of communism and anti-imperialist struggles to harshly condemn the anti-workers’ state campaign of which it is part of the mobilization prepared for this November 15. In that sense,we criticize the liberalizing policy of the Cuban regime for making the struggle against imperialism and its counterrevolution more flexible in the form of hybrid war, adapting with restorationist measures and tolerating the campaign of the agents of reaction. It should be noted that in the area of direct geostrategic control of US imperialism – such as the Caribbean – any movement that does not have as its guiding star the defense of the workers’ state will be used as part of the counterrevolutionary campaign of imperialism itself. Thus, for example, the manoeuvres of imperialism in Haiti must also be seen as part of the siege that is being made against the workers’ state of Cuba. Therefore, in the face of this new imperialist offensive that has been being prepared from several fronts inside and outside Cuba, the defense of Cuba’s own workers’ state must be deepened more than ever.

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  1. We opposed all kinds of imperialist attempt Against workers state Cuba. We are the deefender of any workers states. The Socialist workers party of Bangladesh always beside them. Our full solidarity to Cuban Working people!

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