Communist Fight Issue # 7 Available Now!

Communist Fight issue 7 is out now, in hard copy format. It features an extensive analysis of the Labour Party conference and the efforts by Starmer and the Blairites and Zionists to crush the mass membership that joined Labour to support Jeremy Corbyn’s left-reformist challenge to neoliberalism, including the blatant rigging of votes and ballots, the use of armed cops in the conference and outside to intimidate dissidents, and the creation of a ‘disciplinary’ apparatus that is deliberately designed to institutionalise Zionist racism within the basic structures of the party, an apparatus more suited to a far right, racist party than an organisation that through its name still claims to represent working class people.

It also includes related articles defending the labour movement and democratic rights against the ramifications of the Blairite/Zionist witchhunt in the Labour Party. One defending the Bristol University professor David Miller, whose insightful criticisms of Zionist lobbying and incitement of Islamophobia have brought down on him the wrath of Zionists and other right-wingers and capitulators, resulting in a campaign to get him sacked from his academic post, from the highest level of “All party” parliamentary racist scoundrels. Recently his employers capitulated to this campaign and dismissed him despite an investigation by an eminent QC clearing him of any wrongdoing. The article contains the firmest defence of David Miller available on the left.

Another substantial article refutes in detail a smear against our political predeccesor, Socialist Fight, by the third-campist and ‘left’ Islamophobic CPGB/Weekly Worker, which claims to oppose Zionist witchhunting but whose political cowardice from time to time leads to them throwing the most coherent anti-Zionists under the bus with the alacrity of an Owen Jones. The article gives us the chance to further elaborate our politics, and our response to indefensible acts of violence committed by individual oppressed people against ordinary individuals within those peoples perceived as their oppressors.

The article also highlights our principled defence of all those targeted by the witchhunt, in particular celebrating the victory of Stan Keable, one of the most prominent supporters of the Weekly Worker, at an Employment Tribunal and then appeal after being sacked from his job for expressing correct criticisms of Zionism at a demonstration three years ago. And on the subject of democratic rights, there is an update on the Julian Assange case as the US attempts to overturn the refusal of a magistrate to allow his extradition to the US on outrageously anti-democratic charges relating to Wikileaks‘ exposure of US crimes and atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

This issue highlights our defence, and that of our international co-thinkers from the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (LCFI), of deformed workers states against imperialism and counterrevolution, and also of oppressed, dependent capitalist countries including post-Maoist China against imperialism. We feature two articles relating to publications of our international co-thinkers: one an article by our Brazilian co-thinkers on the countrevolution in the USSR in 1991, the other the English language preface of a book the LCFI intend to publish in three languages featuing a larger selection of material on the demise of the USSR. This preface in particular contains some new positions retrospectively taken by our tendency on Poland and the August 1991 USSR coup that draw a hard line against third-campism and in favour of the defence of workers states, while critcising those flawed forces on the left that took correct or partially correct positions on these questions at the time.

Most immediatly in this vein, there is a substantial article analysing and attacking AUKUS, the Australia-UK-US alliance to threaten China, an alliance of three Anglo-Saxon powers that has a disturbing ethnic element about it given the history and tradition of ‘yellow peril’ colonial racism that characterises all three powers in their relationship with the peoples of East Asia, including China.

And the back page leading article tears into Boris Johnson’s corrupt, arrogant and anti-democratic government with its vicious attacks on Universal Credit claimants in the face of rising food and fuel prices and shortages, its murderous pandemic policies, its tax rises on the poor accompanying tax cuts for bankers, and the irrationality and ruinous nature of Brexit, its green light to dumping sewage in rivers and the sea, while pretending to care about the environment and hosting the Climate Change COP-26 Summit in Glasgow.

This 40 page edition contains substantial material on the international and domestic class struggle, and we urge socialists and those sympathetic to revolutionary politics to take out a subscription, which costs £17 per year for 4 issues. See our Communist Fight page for details.

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