Joint Statment: Defend Iran! Condemn Zionist Attacks!

We condemn the 29th Jan attack on drone attack on Iran, aimed at sabotage of a military installation in Isfahan, that was apparently perpetrated by Israel’s Mossad spy and terrorism agency. The Zionist state is a close ally of the US and an imperialist power in its own right. It has a large contingent of supporters in the US ruling class even if it does appear that the US is dissociating itself from the current action and stating its non-involvement in the attack. These acts of military sabotage are clearly serving a two-pronged agenda. One is harassment of Iran, whose government is friendly to Russia and has been accused by Ukraine and its quartermaster and defender of supplying Russia with its own drone technology. This is said to be for use in the current Special Military Operation to defend the people of the Donbass from the NATO-backed war by Ukraine’s brutal, Nazi-infested regime of torture, murder and wannabe ethnic-cleansing.

It is increasingly well known that Israel has played an important role in funding and arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, particularly the Azov Batallion. As the Lebanese news agency Al Mayadeen reported recently:

“In recent days, a delegation of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion – an openly neo-Nazi battalion – has met with Israeli officials in the military and the establishment, in “Israel.”

The Azov and Aidar battalions – two of the most prominent neo-Nazi parties that have been accused of greasing bullets with pig fat to shoot Muslims – have been active on the ground in disenfranchised areas in eastern Ukraine before the said area joined Russia by popular referendum earlier this year. The battalions are official bodies within the Ukrainian military.

The Azov delegation arrived in “Israel” on Thursday, and was led by Ilya Samoilenko, who led the battles in Mariupol at the Azovstal steel factory. Yulia Fedosyul, who is the deputy head of the ‘Association of Azovsatal Defenders’ Families’, also joined the delegation.

Israel and Zionism have a long history of collaboration with Nazism, including during the WW2 period when millions of Jews were being murdered by the same Nazis, to promote its own imperialist settler-colonial project. Now it is a firm part of US imperialism’s war in Ukraine; the rise back to power of Netanyahu in coalition with what can only be called Judeo-Nazis, the ‘Jewish Power’ party of the open follower of Meir Kahane (Israel’s historic fascist leader), Itamar Ben-Gvir, has given a boost to such collaboration with the far right internationally. Unlike in the days when they idolised Hitler, today’s far right generally see Israel as successful ethnocracy based on racial supremacy and, crucially, undefeated.

The other prong is pursuit of Israel’s own agenda in defending its own campaign of ethnic cleansing and terror against the Palestinian people. Israel has always sought to destroy, or get its allies to destroy, any strong nearby Muslim and/or Arab state that it perceives as a material and political challenger to its dispossession of the Palestinians. Though the US is still involved in manoeuvring with the public aim of resurrecting Obama’s 2015 Iran nuclear deal (junked by Trump), and such armed actions are inconvenient to it right now, it is fully aware that Israel would like it to attack Iran the way it attacked Iraq. The US would also like to see the Islamic Republic fall, perhaps by a US-backed ‘colour revolution’ to install a pro-US regime and would no doubt like to utilise the current protests and discontent in Iran over women’s rights, though it is my no means clear that it has the influence to do that.  

At the same time, Israel is provoking conflict with its armed settlers by killing Palestinians. It would like to openly annex much more territory and is brutally murdering Palestinians daily on the West Bank, such as the recent killings in Jenin, as well as brutally bombing Gaza. Its far-right coalition is also preparing legal attacks (and perhaps more than that) on Palestinians who live as second-class citizens in Israel itself (so-called Israeli Arabs).

We condemn these attacks on Iran, and call for its defence against Zionist and any other imperialist attack or attempt to replace it with a pro-Western puppet. We defend Iran against imperialism just as we defend Russia. And we condemn Israel’s brutal oppression and crimes against the Palestinian people, to which these are clearly linked.

Signed by:

Class Conscious (United States and Australia)

Communist Party of the Brazilian People

Communist Action Group (Greece)

Liaison Committee for the Fourth International, and its sections:

  • Consistent Democrats (Great Britain)
  • Liga Comunista (Brazil)
  • Socialist Workers League (United States)
  • Tendance Militante Bolchevique (Argentina)

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