Imperialists Try to Exploit Covid Safety Measures to Foment Colour Revolution in China

The anti-lockdown protests in China are another piece of hybrid warfare aimed at fomenting a colour revolution and overthrowing the Chinese government. The involvement of overseas journalists in fomenting these events is clear, and what is particularly notable is the virulent support of the liberal media in Britain in supporting them. A BBC operative has been thrown out of China for an evident role in, not merely reporting on these events, but inciting them. The support of the Guardian for these protests recalls their recent applause for the truck-bombing of the Kerch Bridge in Crimea. Formally these shitlibs oppose lockdown-breaking and covid denialism, as well as terrorist attacks on civilian targets. Except when it suits them part of an imperialist campaign or potential right-wing coup.

They are a reminder that the Covid movement in the West is a two-edged sword and that the imperialists will use anything at all to try to gain an advantage. What is outrageous is that many of those liberals in the Western media and ruling classes who accurately scored the likes of Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro for criminal neglect of the welfare of the population in the worst period of the pandemic, not least by sabotaging quarantine measures and allowing the virus to run riot, are opportunistically trying to make use of social discontent in China at lockdown measures as a political weapon. They denounced anti-lockdown protests in the West but are opportunistically making use of them here.

They are just as cynical as Trump was in playing with the lives of the US population, with this playing with the lives of the Chinese people. No one likes lockdowns, as they interfere with normal life and cause major problems for everyone subjected to them. But in circumstances of a dangerous illness running amok, as happened in the last three years with Covid, they are by far the lesser evil. This is shown by a comparison of the death rates of those countries where it was allowed free rein, with China. China, remember, is where the Covid pandemic was first discovered and may well be the place where it started. China has something of a problem as the virus being allowed to run riot externally has led to over 6 million deaths, of whom China’s share has been minuscule, but has also eventually led to the emergence of milder variants. As a reflection of this change there has been some relaxation in China, more reliance on vaccination. But this is incomplete, and something that has to be handled with great care, and those who are trying to exploit this dilemma certainly do not have the welfare of the Chinese population at heart.

The United States had the worst aggregate death rate from Covid-19 in the whole world. Its total deaths from Covid to date is 1,104,879, according to the Worldometer (, and it has had over 100,000,000 recorded cases. China, which has over four times the population of the US, has had only 5,233 deaths, and 315,248 cases overall. That is a remarkable record considering that China is relatively far less wealthy than the US, and indicative of a ruling layer that at least can be said to have some real social responsibility in dealing with this problem. If China had been criminally negligent in the manner of the US in dealing with the pandemic, it is obvious that the result would have been over 4 million deaths!

The imperialist attempt at exploiting this issue is deadly in its implications and should be regarded with contempt. The BBC is complaining that their operative who was apprehended by the Chinese government was not treated well. But given the sinister import of playing with people’s lives by this cynical exploitation of the Covid issue in China, he should think himself lucky he was not put in front of a firing squad.

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