Bioweapons, Ukraine and US Imperialism

By Kalliste Hill

One of the most troubling aspects, but least reported in the West, in the Special Military Operation has been the discovery of US/Ukraine biolabs with documents and paraphernalia of scientific investigation despite the instructions from Kiev to destroy all such evidence on the 25th February 2022.

The UN continues to refuse all requests to investigate the written and physical evidence of the Pentagon’s bioweapons programmes in Ukraine which were being carried out in clear violation of Articles 1 and 4 of the Biological Weapons Conventions, despite the eventual admission by the Pentagon that such biolabs and programmes did exist, albeit described by the US as “defensive”.

The UN refusal, under pressure from many Western nations, is at odds with their willingness to announce war crimes by Russia without any such evidence or even legal precedence. The current revelations of US programmes of “gain of function” on viruses in the current in the U.S. House Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labour and Pensions shows that this call for investigation by Russia should be subjected to proper scrutiny and full investigation.  


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