General Strike to Smash Attacks on Workers and Unions!  

Workers Control of Price and Income Rises—Sliding Scale Now!

No Cuts, Job Losses or Austerity! Workers tribunals and capital justice for neoliberalism’s mass killers!

This is the Consistent Democrats’ leaflet for the Day of Action over the Cost of Living on 1 Oct

Working-class people are being robbed blind with parasites pocketing the loot. Truss is on the rampage, handing out tax cuts like confetti to the rich while the poor, workers and even the middle class are being crucified by inflation engineered by the ruling class to grab what loot they can while the sun shines

The energy price ’freeze’ is theft. Truss wants us to pay later with massive austerity for the privatised energy parasites not being able to double prices yet again for two years. And the government will borrow money to compensate them for freezing business tariffs also. Later they will rob us pay this debt to their mates.

This won’t stop many starving and/or freezing this winter. Prices have still more than doubled. Many thousands of sick and elderly will die. This is premeditated.

The obvious solution is nationalisation of all energy supply. Without compensation as everyone knows the parasites enriched their shareholders ten times over, converting profits into dividends instead of investing. Starmer opposes this as he is as much a servant of capital as Truss and Johnson.

Cameron’s austerity killed around 150,000 mainly disabled and elderly. Johnson’s conduct of the Covid pandemic, which was hardly better than Trump’s, killed a similar number. The discharge of infected elderly into care homes was mass murder in plain sight. Poorer countries with larger populations protected their people and had a quarter of our death toll. That’s about another 150,000 murdered by Johnson. And there’s Truss’s latest massacre – visible already. Close to half a million murdered in a decade. A hidden Hitlerian slaughter!

Less than 200,000 mostly wealthy Tory Party members got to choose Truss. No democracy for the victims of this murder! The entire mass media in this country is controlled by billionaire parasites. They lie like Josef Goebbels when it suits their interests. Corbyn, a lifelong anti-racist and socialist, was smeared in the entire capitalist media, including the BBC, Mirror and the Guardian as akin to a Nazi. Yet these liars support actual Nazis fighting Russia in Ukraine.

This is nothing to do with ‘democracy’. The decay of capitalism means that capitalist ‘democracy’ more resembles fascism. These killings need to be avenged, and we need the workers movement collectively to seek to enact revolutionary justice against the parasitic neoliberal capitalist class that rules us.

Truss aims to effectively abolish rights to strike. Unions need defence forces against bosses’ attempts to crush them. This points to workers state power.  

Sanctions against Russia, part of the proxy war Biden initiated, with support from the Tories and New Labour, have impoverished us. These same neoliberal plunderers engineered a coup in Ukraine in 2014 to bring to power Ukrainian Nazis and their servants, who for eight years massacred and brutalised the nearly half of Ukrainians who speak Russian. Eventually Russia sent troops into the South and East of Ukraine to protect its people. That deserves solidarity also.

We must fight for indexation of wages, pensions and benefits, which should rise directly in line with RPI, under control of committees of trade unionists and other workers, claimants, pensioners, etc. It likely needs a general strike to get that. Enough is Enough and similar bodies must merge with the unions in struggle, and all must use militant methods – strikes, disruption of roads and transport until they pay up, mass-based defence guards to resist disconnections, brutal police and fascists, our own tradespeople to reconnect people who have been cut off from energy supplies, etc. All union leaders and politicians who claim to speak for us should be put on the spot and challenged to lead mass actions to stop these attacks: or make way for others that will. We need a real working-class party to destroy capitalism.

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