Facebook suppresses evidence of Ukrainian Nazism once again

By Ian Donovan

I have been penalised for 29 days by Facebook for sharing images of Ukrainian Nazis as part of a discussion on the “Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn” Discussion group on Facebook. Here is the kind of evidence we are talking about:

Photographic evidence of widespread Nazism among young people in Ukraine, promoted by the far right US puppet regime. For Facebook’s ‘moderators’, posting such EVIDENCE amounts to support for ‘Dangerous organisations’. A slur worthy of Goebbells himself.

This is my appeal to the Facebook Oversight Board.

This is EVIDENCE of Ukrainian Nazism, not support for Nazism. The penalty is an OUTRAGEOUS SLUR

I am being penalised for providing EVIDENCE of the dominance of Nazism in Ukraine. The photos I posted are obviously intended to PROVE that the Ukrainian regime supports Nazism, and brainwashes its own young people into Hitler worship.

These images are genuine and accurate and FB does not dispute their authenticity. Some of the images I posted were posted approvingly by the Ukrainian President, Zelensky, of his own troops wearing Nazi insignia, on his official Instagram account. He has done this three times and I have posted these images many times in discussions. No one has ever disputed their authenticity, no fact checker, as they are provenly authentic.

This is not the first time I have been penalised in this manner. I was previously penalised for providing evidence that a thug who attacked several Roma women in a notorious video is a member of the Azov Battalion.

It is totally mendacious to accuse anyone of posting EVIDENCE of fascist activity of supporting fascism themselves. This obviously implicitly bans all and any evidence of fascist activity from being posted. I shall be circulating evidence of this therefore to all anti-fascist organisations. I will seek MAXIMUM PUBLICITY of this. It will soon be all over Twitter and other media.

This implicates Facebook in support for Nazism, not me, and if not overturned will implicate the Oversight Board as well.

4 thoughts on “Facebook suppresses evidence of Ukrainian Nazism once again

  1. Anyone who understands what fascism is and know why the world was plunged into a world wsr in 1939 and what the Nazi gascists did over the succeeding five years will understand how appalling this is and has a dity to share this article widely. It is particularly important to fight this topth and nail given the way the UK is joining Poland and Hungary on the authoritarian road to fascism.

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