Facebook Hitler-lovers ban anti-fascist to protect Azov thug. Facebook defends public beating of Roma women.

This is a very simple, open and shut case of Facebook criminality and pro-Hitlerite censorship of exposure of the vilest criminality. I posted the video above, which was downloaded from a celebrated Telegram Channel, https://t.me/UkraineHumanRightsAbuses. To prove that the assailant in this vile racist assault is a member of the Azov Regiment, the openly Nazi regiment in the Ukraine Army, I then posted the two pictures below, which clearly show the same individual. Immediatly I posted the one on the left, I recieved a 24-hour ban for “supporting dangerous organisations”, presumably the Azov Regiment.

This is strange, as Facebook recently changed its ‘Community Standards’ to allow support for Azov, including calls for the murder of Russian soldiers and the Russian President. It appears, from my ban, that you are allowed to support Azov, but you are not allowed to post proof that their sub-human Nazi thugs are involved in criminal racist, misgynistic violence. It is reasonable to conclude from this ban, and their failure to overturn it when I tried to challenge it, that Facebook approves of Azov, and approves of this racist assault on Roma women, and is protecting this person from being identified. If anyone knows his name, that would be very useful as it could be published, hopefully making it easier for the criminal to be apprehended by Russian troops or FSB, who no doubt would know what to do with/to him.

The Telegram channel from which this came, that of Juan Sinmeido, also known as “Fearless John” is the succerssor to a popular Twitter account, @myBlackSoul, run by the same individual. Twitter banned the account because it published solid evidemce of Ukrainian and Western criminality on an industrial scale. So Fearless John now uses Telegram, which is harder to nobble.

The channel publishes a great deal of photographic and video evidence of grotesque abuses by Ukrainian forces against Russians/Russophones, and Roma, including: women being tied up and their faces daubed with a blue dye which supposedly signifies that they are ‘orcs’ , used as a racist, dehumanising term. The antiseptic dye used, called zelkonya, is difficult to remove and can cause burns to the eyes. There is also extensive photo and video evidence of people being stripped and/or bound to trees, road signs and lamposts with strong adhesive tape, often in sub-zeros conditions, and viciously beaten, both by militiamen and hostile passers-by in the street. There are images of people who have obvioiusly been murdered by being suffocated with plastic bags bound over their heads, and/or beaten to death, and flung in the backs of cars, of Russian prisoners of war who have been stripped, and thrown in the backs of trucks after being bloodily beaten. Of people being forced to kneel in front of ditches, in the classic Nazi-execution style, when the idea was that the person kneeling should fall into the ditch when shot in the head. Some of those forced to kneel are naked.

Those media who are seeking to supress evidence of this criminality are criminals themselves, and need to be severely punished. it is not even denied that these thugs are being funded by the West; it is brazenly justified. The BBC for instance, which lied on an industrial scale to try to portray the Corbyn movement as ‘anti-Semitic’ now justifies funding Azov on the grounds that (supposedly) “only” 10% of them are Hitlerites. Absolultely outrageous – all these collaborators with fascism should be crushed as soon as possible.

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