Eco-Terrorism – NATO’s Dirty Secret War


Nord Stream pipeline sabotaged by imperialism, September 2022

A few days ago, an article appeared in the New York Times1 It revealed the decade-long campaign the CIA has funded in Ukraine sponsoring regime change, with military training and arms provision, long before the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) just over 2 years ago.

NATO’s war on Russia has been decades in the making, a war of psyops, lies and half-truths with built in deniability of outrageous provocations by proxy. Russia has responded with offers of negotiations, diplomacy and finally the pre-emptive invasion of the Donbass to protect the rights of the Crimeans who freely chose to join the Russian Federation after their overwhelming support via the 2014 referendum.

Despite the continual escalation of provocative aggressions by NATO, including the use of long-range missiles on Russian soil, bombing civilians, spy satellites and drones, Russia has matched the West, not escalated in turn.

Conspicuous on the part of NATO has been the willingness to use eco-terrorism as part of its arsenal alongside the financial tools of sanctions and media manipulation, especially censorship, misinformation and disinformation.

The blowing up of Nordstream 1 was the biggest man-made ecological disaster in terms of a single methane release so far, even if it only represents a few days release of the fossil fuel industry’s pollution world-wide. However, its subsequent consequences with increased need to transport US LPG from dirty shale via ship will cost both the environment, and European economies far, far more.

Similarly, the provision of depleted uranium2 by the UK and US in the form of munitions for tanks will pollute the environment for centuries to come, and we are forced to wonder why the Kiev regime is prepared to spill so much blood in order to regain land it is rendering toxic for the foreseeable future, along with hundreds of thousands of mines regularly aimed at civilians in both Ukraine and Russia, rather than troops. Unexploded mines will be a threat to the civilians for decades to come.

Finally, there is the constant shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant3, where the collaboration of the IAEA and Western media gives rise to the farcical assertion that Russia is shelling its own people in the power plant it occupies. In fact, Russia has so far prevented the Ukrainian regime carrying out their threat to create Chernobyl 2.0 with the help of a dirty bomb. Even as little as a few days ago Russian forces arrested 3 Ukrainians in possession of chemical weapons for a suspected attack on the power plant, to carry out a terrorist attack.4

This really shows the nature of the war the West is waging in Ukraine, which endangers the peoples of Europe, if not the world. This is why we should oppose it and defend its intended victims, the Russian-speaking people of the Donbass, and Russia itself. More and more people in the West oppose, and can see right through, the West’s oppression and massacre of the people of Gaza and Palestine, so people are beginning to see through the lies spread by Ukraine about the SMO.

The huge mobilisation in Britain in defence of Palestine shows the possibility of uniting more organisations in an anti-Nato, anti-fascist united front, to demand Britain out of Nato and to support the campaigns to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.





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