Communist Fight, issue 2 of new series, is out now

The New issue of Communist Fight, issue 2 of new series, is out now.

This issue, like the previous one, focuses heavily on the genocide of the Palestinians. Carried out in plain sight of the world’s population, Israel’s genocide has produced revulsion among billions of people and united the vast bulk of humanity against it. In the imperialist countries, the unprecedented exposure of Israel’s massacres particularly through social media, and the obvious backing of most of the imperialist countries, from the US and UK to the EU, for the Zionist perpetrators, is creating a revolutionary change of consciousness among the population. This was shown in disparate ways by such events as the landslide victory of George Galloway in the Rochdale by-election on 29th February, where Gaza was central, and the self-immolation of a serving US airman, Aaron Bushnell, outside the Israeli Embassy to the US a few days earlier.  These are both clear signs of rage and angst at the genocidal crimes of Zionism and imperialism becoming a mass phenomenon.

The lead article focuses on the left-wing challenge that is emerging in Britain to the two main pro-Zionist parties, Labour and Tories, that are vying with each other as to which can be the most egregious advocates of genocidal imperialist militarism, in Gaza and Ukraine, and the most anti-democratic. The campaign of George Galloway, of the Workers Party of Britain, in Rochdale was analysed in an article published while the campaign was in full swing. Once Galloway took the decision to take on the Tories and Labour directly in a parliamentary seat, over the central issue of Gaza and the genocide, critical support became inescapable and obligatory, notwithstanding other flaws. Galloway’s victorious campaign was not conducted in isolation, but is the outrider to a whole series of other challenges to the pro-genocide parties in the coming General Election, the most prominent of which is the challenge to Keir Starmer himself in his North London seat by ‘proud leftie Jew’ Andrew Feinstein. The article motivates support for this and the growing number of other independent campaigns that are springing up around the country, challenging genocidal Zionist New Labour.

Other important articles in the same vein include: a defence, by Comrade Mark Andresen, of the democratic rights of the Muslim political group Hizb ut-Tahrir (‘Party of Liberation’) from the anti-democratic ban that the current Tory regime has instituted, on spurious accusations of ‘terrorism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’. Since Hizb ut-Tahrir is avowedly non-violent, this is both an outrage and may not even be sustainable legally in the longer term: previous attempts at suppression of this movement by Blair and Cameron failed. We also publish the full text of a letter to the Weekly Worker celebrating the victory of Professor David Miller, formerly of Bristol University, at an industrial tribunal after being sacked for his anti-Zionist views. The letter poses awkward questions for the WW about their own record of witch-hunting anti-Zionists, such as ourselves, whose views on Zionism parallel those of comrade Miller. Somewhat evasively, the WW published the letter but cut out the majority of the criticism of themselves.

We include two major statements, issued jointly by the Liaison Committee of the Fourth International and ClassConscious.Org, about the Zionist genocide in Gaza with particular reference to the provisional judgement of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on 26th January. The other being a joint statement denouncing the US/UK bombing of Yemen, aimed at defending Israel’s genocide in Gaza against the Houthi’s attempt to blockade Israel through stopping entry to the Red Sea.

And on the back page, we have an important article by Sunda San, on genocidal events taking place again in Congo, with its terrible history of previous genocidal massacres, some of the worst in history, at the beginning of the 20th Century. Today’s terrible events are driven by imperialism’s insatiable desire for Rare Earth metals and the like, found in Congo, that play a major role in computer and mobile phone technology. The article examines how today’s events are rooted in rivalry in Africa over these mineral assets between France and the United States. The latter previously made use of regional forces in Uganda and Rwanda to wage proxy wars against French interests, thereby triggering off the Rwanda genocide of 1994 as a by-product of this imperialist intrigue.

This issue has much to recommend in addressing the most crucial issues working class people are facing today.

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  1. National Democratic People’s Front (NDPF) India is against the Genocide, Murders, War Crimes and Barbarism done in the Palastine by Israel.- Yogendra Yadav National President National Democratic People’s Front (NDPF) India

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