Consistent Democrats’ Website Under Attack from imperialist hackers

We are under attack from hackers. Its rather obvious why as our small group, the British Section of the LCFI, has stood out sharply against the war drive and in defence of the people of the Donbass and Russia, against the Western-backed proxy war utilising outright Nazis, since the beginning. And we have been outspoken about these issues both since our founding in early 2020 and previously as part of earlier British LCFI group, Socialist Fight, since Maidan and earlier.

In the last day we had over 1500 attempts to hack our website. Gradually accelerating over the last fortnight. Clearly the hackers have a problem with free speech for anti-imperialists. Well we are not going to be hacked out of existence. Whoever the hackers are, they are afraid of what we are saying.

We know the current British government doesnt like dissent. Its worth pondering what the relationship between the government and these attackers might be.

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