Statement of Bolshevik Group – South Korea on Ukraine

We are publishing this statement is by the Bolshevik Group (볼셰비키그룹) – South Korea because we consider it to be a principled statement of revolutionary Marxists, with which we concur.

Russia’s attack is a just punishment for the provocation of artillery by the Kiev regime, an imperialist minion.

Let’s resist the colonial expansion policy of NATO imperialism !

Let’s defend the people’s right to self-determination in the Donbass area

On February 24 , Russian forces under Putin launched a military attack against the Kiev regime in Ukraine . The attack is a counterattack against a military provocation by the pro-Nato Kiev regime in Ukraine . Kiev’s Zelensky government bombarded various parts of the Lugansk region, which wanted independence from Ukraine , from February 17th to 23rd , just before the start of the Russian counterattack at the latest , destroying important infrastructure such as broadcasting stations and power plants and causing casualties. .

In that regard, we regard this Russian military counterattack as an act of legitimate self-defense against the provocation of the Ukraine Kiev army, which was ordered by NATO . We support military retaliation against the government of Ukraine by the Russian military . The military retaliation includes an attack on the Ukrainian army and critical installations that discourages future provocations .

However, the Putin regime in Russia is also not a revolutionary regime of the working class . Although there is a difference in that the Kiev regime in western Ukraine is a subordinate regime of NATO imperialism led by the United States and Russia is being harassed as its prey , the Putin regime also oppresses the working class . See also Thermidor and Bonapartism ] .

In that sense, if the Russian army is trying to establish a pro-Russian regime by continuing its military occupation through excessive greed , it is a dangerous gamble and is not beneficial to the working class . It is a violation of the Ukrainian people’s right to national self-determination . It is highly likely to intensify the nationalist confrontation with Russia by stimulating the right-wing nationalist sentiments of the working people of the western Ukraine region . Furthermore , the aggression of NATO imperialism’s strategy of expanding power after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc will be hidden .

The current situation in the Ukraine war is not unfamiliar and resembles the Georgia – Russian war of 2008 . In August 2008 , US imperialism instigated the Georgian government of Saakashvili to invade South Ossetia under Russian protection . It was one of the strategies of western NATO imperialism’s eastward strategy that had been continuing since the collapse of the Soviet Union, that is , ‘ establishing pro-imperialist governments in former workers’ countries such as the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, incorporating them into NATO, and subjugating them under imperialist influence ‘ . The Russian army immediately counterattacked . They repulsed the Georgian army invading South Ossetia and advanced further, even temporarily occupying several Georgian cities with military facilities . But at that time, Russia was not greedy for more than that . After weakening the military power by counterattacking the provocation of the Georgian Saakashvili government, which believed only in the backbone of the US, the troops withdrew from Georgia within 15 days of the start of the war . This Ukraine -It is highly likely that the Russian war will unfold like that .

Illustration from the 2008 Georgia-Russian War: US President George W. Bush instigates Georgian President Saakashvili to poke the brown bear Russia. When Saakashvili tells you to do it, the bear gets angry and beats him up. The US then giggles and turns its back on it. After the Euromaidan coup in 2014, Saakashvili also played a role in making Ukraine pro-imperialist, such as moving to Ukraine and serving as governor.

Following 2008 , Western imperialism centered on the United States used the life of the pitiful Ukrainian people as a tool for its own purposes . They used the Ukrainian subordinate regime to harass Russia to exhaust its power and to imagine the Putin regime’s combat posture, and sacrifice the lives of the local people .

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