On The Anniversary Of Jan 6 Fascist Insurrection, A Call For Action

Consistent Democrats and LCFI are republishing this call out for action issued by the United Front for a Mass Labor Party. We are endorsing it and call on all working class organisations and individuals internationally to endorse and share this call out in the build up to January 6th.

Endorsements or news of other actions on January 6th can be sent to la*********@gm***.com

The victory of Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 election did not stop nor could it stop the rise of fascism. The only group in society that has the force to stop the fascists is the working class.

Trump’s systematic efforts to transform the Republican Party into a fascist outfit, will lay the basis for an overturn of the election in 2024.  Trump’s conspiracy theories are being used as a litmus test to purge anyone in the Republican Party who is not loyal to the Trump cabal thus moving the political landscape further to the extreme right with the inevitable result of moving in the direction of a fascist takeover.

The rise of fascism is not just an existential threat , but is a real threat with dire consequences for the working class in the US and internationally. If Trump and his accomplices are allowed to take power, they will attempt to shut down democratic norms and make use of state agencies allied with fascist organizations to destroy any organized resistance and will set up fascist rule in the United States.

The right to strike, protest, picket, and organize politically would be immediately threatened with direct attacks by police, fascist groups, and the use of the military. The effort by Trump to call out the military to crush Black Lives Matter protests would become the norm in suppressing dissent.

The Democrats are unable and unwilling to stop the slide toward fascism. The Biden Administration refused to press charges against any of the leading conspirators who led the attempt to overturn the 2020 election since he is more aligned with their politics than he is with the politics of an independent working class movement. Moreover, he has continued to push the financial costs of the pandemic onto working people forcing us to pay for the crisis that the capitalists have created. 

Both capitalist parties are dedicated to the enrichment of the financial elite at all costs. Both parties have responded to the decline of US imperialism with an escalation of militarism and police repression and attacks on democratic rights and press freedoms, including the imprisonment and torture of journalist Julian Assange. The military budget is now $768 bn a year; certainly this money could have gone to pay for housing and for unemployment insurance so that workers would not need to go to work,  keeping the working class safe by limiting the spread of the disease, which is now an out of control epidemic. 

The impoverishment and de-industrialization of the US has allowed the capitalists to garner greater profits abroad, and has encouraged the war on labor at home. It has allowed for the collapse of the public health system, and the deaths of over 800,000 in the US and millions more around the world exposing the failure of American capitalism. Biden’s handling of the pandemic has delegitimized his administration in the eyes of millions of people and exposed again the bankruptcy of the Democratic party.

Only the mass organization of millions of working people fighting in defense of their democratic rights can stop the rise of fascism and defeat Trump’s would-be fascist dictatorship once and for all.

 The widening class divide and workers’ growing anger at oppressive conditions has led to a growing strike wave of workers at Columbia University, Volvo, Kellogg, the UMWA Warrior Met, Kaiser IUOE engineers, and healthcare workers around the country.

The call for a general strike by the Vermont AFL-CIO before the election warning about the threat of an attempted coup and insurrection, was urgent then and is even more so today. Their call for a general strike was the correct answer to the attempted coup. The fascist threat has not abated especially since there have been no consequences.

The unions, workers, and workers’ organizations must work now to organize and form national and international united front movements against fascism.

We need an international working class movement to defend workers in every country to link up our struggles globally.

This means global days of actions to defend workers around the world fighting multinationals and global capitalists. It means opposing US militarism and supporting and organizing with workers fighting for their rights around the world.

As the capitalist crisis deepens, fascist forces and their supporters use racism and militarism to whip up divisions in the working class. Workers and their organizations must fight the spread of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. Workers must stop the attacks on immigrants, and oppose the war-mongering propaganda aimed at China and Russia by both Democrats and Republicans. We call on working people to organize widely, in factories, schools, and other places of work, to build organizations which can defend their rights and oppose another fascist coup. The organization of general strikes, housing occupations, rent strikes, defense guards, and the formation of mass working-class organizations are critical to stop a fascist coup.

Endorsed by Edorsed by United Front Committee For A Labor Party, Class Conscious, Workers Revolutionary Party (Namibia), Freedom Socialist Party, Liaison Committee for the Fourth International and its national groups: Consistent Democrats (Great Britain) Liga Comunista (Brazil) Tendencia Militant Bolchevique (Argentine) Socialist Workers League (United States), Ian Donovan

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