Leaflet of IUAFS for Palestine Protests

Gaza Genocidal Siege is like Hitler’s Siege of Leningrad

We Need a Unified Struggle Against Imperialism: Palestine and Ukraine

(This leaflet was published by IUAFS on 11 November 2023. A PDF of it can be downloaded by clicking on the IUAFS banner image above)

The most overtly racist regime on the planet is slaughtering Palestinians like the murder machine it is. More than 10,000 are dead already, with thousands more buried under the rubble. Half are children, since half of Gaza’s population are under 18. Israel’s terror-bombing and starvation of the Palestinians, stopping all essential supplies including fuel for hospital generators, medicine, food and even drinking water, is driven by racism similar to Nazism. Netanyahu’s defence minister Gallant justified this by saying that Palestinians are ‘human animals.’ This is the politics of genocide; they would like to see the deaths of a couple of million people. Or at least the fear of this causing a mass flight of an entire ‘unwanted’ population. They are also preparing similar crimes on the West Bank, over a hundred are already dead at the hands of their bloodthirsty settlers and troops.

A huge wave of protests and rage at these crimes traverses the globe. Earlier, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, fighting a war against US-backed Nazis in Ukraine, correctly compared the Israeli siege of Gaza with Hitler’s siege of Leningrad. Governments including Jordan, Turkey, Chile, Venezuela, Spain, Iran, Iraq and Colombia have rightly condemned it as genocide, and nine countries have broken diplomatic relations with Israel.  Biden, with Sunak’s support has moved warships into the Eastern Mediterranean to threaten Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria and Iran – protecting Israel and threatening any nations inclined to help Gaza militarily. The United States and its allies own this genocidal slaughter.

The Zionists hope to use this butchery to induce any survivors to flee and be ethnically cleansed. Netanyahu openly stated that he wants Gazans to flee to Egypt. This is how they are attempting another Nakba in Gaza, underlining the close kinship between Zionism and Nazism. The original 1948 Nakba was a similar monstrous crime.

Sunak’s vile government defends this. It has tried motivating cops to attack the rights of Palestine Solidarity supporters to demonstrate, implying that they are supporters of Hamas. Hamas are popular among Palestinians because they are seen as incorruptible and militant fighters, but they are just one, militantly Islamic ideological trend – many other trends, some secular and leftist, support and/or are involved in the struggle. The stories in the imperialist media about “beheaded babies” and “rape” by Hamas are discredited lies. Evidence has now emerged that many if not most of the October 7 victims were slaughtered by Israeli forces, under Israel’s ‘Hannibal Directive’ which mandates that they slaughter their own troops and even civilians to prevent them being captured.

We must support the struggles of the Palestinian people for liberation no matter who leads them. The government’s attacks show that the pro-Zionists in government, neoliberal mercenaries all, have genocidal views.  Braverman suggests that carrying Palestinian flags is grounds to arrest people. She expresses racialised hatred of Palestinians – a dangerous extremist herself.  Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party was destroyed by Zionist destabilisation, much of it organised by the Israeli Embassy. The neoliberal wing worked closely with Zionism. All these parties are dominated by ‘Friends of Israel’ and critics of Zionism face witch-hunting. Including the Tories’ attempts to ban solidarity marches.

Yet there are many millions of people in this country who are familiar with the genocidal oppression of Palestinians. Racist, anti-working-class bigotry which is dragging politics to the far-right is bound up with vile attitudes to Palestinians and Muslims, just as before WWII Hitlerian Jew-hate poisoned political life.

US Puppet and Ukrainian President Zelensky, along with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau (both below) gave two standing ovations to 98-year-old Nazi Jaroslav Hunka (above). During WW2, Hunka fought in the Ukrainian ‘Galician Division’ of Hitler’s SS against the USSR. That is the nature of the regime they are supporting in Ukraine in their war of ethnic cleansing and threatened genocide against the people of Donbass and Crimea.

Similar politics are behind the war in Ukraine, where the West has peddled the most incredible series of lies, about Russian’s supposedly raping women, killing babies and engaging in ‘genocide’. Almost exactly the same lies as about the Palestinians. In fact, the deaths of civilians killed by both sides since the beginning of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) in February 2022, over 500 days ago, are considerably less than the more than the likely 15,000 (or more!) deaths Israel has inflicted on Gaza in just over a month.

There are considerable similarities between what Western imperialism is trying to do in Ukraine and what the Zionists are doing in Palestine. In 2014, the US spent $10 billion organising the Maidan coup that brought Nazi Banderaists to power as part of their programme of NATO expansion, aiming to get Ukraine into NATO to threaten Russia with US strategic weapons from close quarters. As part of this, the Nazi regime abolished the legal equality that previously existed between languages, and began persecuting Russian speakers, who are close to half the population, particularly centred in the Donbass region in the South Eastern half of Ukraine. In Crimea, where the majority is actually Russian, they voted to join Russia at that time.

This came to a head at the beginning of 2022 when the Nazi regime, with its US backers led by Biden, planned a much bigger offensive to re-conquer the Donbass. Russia intervened in the Donbass region to stop this ethnic cleansing and genocide taking place. Given the chance, this oppressed population voted to join Russia. Russia is not denying the right of Ukrainians to their own state, and there are no Russian troops in the Ukrainian-speaking West of Ukraine. US-UK-EU Imperialism falsely accuse Russia of annexation of Ukraine to cover up their grand-scale policy of annexation in Palestine.

This was recently exposed in Canada when in unison with the stooge Zelensky, a Zionist who vows to make Ukraine a ‘big Israel’ through the expulsion or killing of Russian-speaking people, the Canadian neo-liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was seen publicly saluting a 98-year-old veteran of Hitler’s SS. The West’s support for Zionist Israel, as well as their support for Nazi Ukraine, are really signs of the rehabilitation of fascist barbarism that is taking place in Western politics. This understanding, about the lies of imperialism about Ukraine, needs to become as widely known as the facts about Palestine and Gaza: we need a unified struggle against imperialism. In Palestine and Ukraine, one side right, one side wrong! Solidarity with the Palestinians! Solidarity with the Donbass and Crimea!

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