Kazakhstan: In the aftermath of the defeat of another colour revolution

Note: this is an amended version of the original declaration, amendments being proposed by some additional signatories, who are now represented here.

Color Revolution: Pro-Imperialist regime change

We regard the recent 10-day anti-government armed riot in Kazakhstan as one of the strategies to expand the power of the U.S.-centered NATO imperialism. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the revival of capitalism, NATO is moving toward its ultimate goal, Russia, subjugating countries close to Western Europe one after another. The goal of the operation is not only to revive capitalism, but to establish an obedient pro-imperialist regime to maximize super profits.

NATO has called the decades-long regime change operations a “color revolution.” Recently, the front line of the pro-imperialist regime change operation has continued along the Russian border to Kazakhstan, following Ukraine and Belarus. American think tanks are submitting several reports, emphasizing the role of Central Asian countries in the project.

Riot leadership and Kazakhstan’s working class

The defeat of the latest colour revolution, in Kazakhstan, with the help of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) is good news for the conscious proletariat and popular forces of the world. If this colour revolution had won, Kazakhstan would probably end up resembling Libya, Syria, or Ukraine. A puppet regime serving the interests of imperialist finance capital would have to be established, and the working people would have to suffer from harsher exploitation and oppression.

Of course, the current Kazakhstan government is a corrupt regime for the benefit of a small number of capitalists, like Putin in Russia. In this regard, we support the struggle of Kazakh people for democracy, life condition and socialism. However, the forces that led the armed riot only used workers’ dissatisfaction with the capitalist regime as a cover, like the rebels in Libya and Syria in 2011, the Euromaidan in Ukraine in 2014, and the Hong Kong leadership seeking independence from China in 2019, but not interested in improving it.

Armed uprising of the working people and imperialist regime change

Historically, the struggle of the working people against the exploiting goes through a period of conscious and organizational development sufficient to develop into an armed uprising, the final means. In the distance, in order for the 1917 Russian Revolution to advance to the armed uprising, conscious and organizational growth through various political phases was necessary. Anti-dictatorship protests in Egypt and Tunisia from 2010 to 2011 continued for dozens of day or months, but failed to advance to an organized armed uprising. The United States is a country where carrying gun is commonplace. However, there was no organized armed uprising in the Black Lives Movement that shook the United States for months in 2020. However, including the case of Kazakhstan, Libya and Syria in 2011, Ukraine in 2014, Iran in 2018, and Hong Kong in 2019 immediately proceeded to systematically organized violent protests as soon as they began.

What position to take?

The tasks of communists in Kazakhstan are difficult, as they have to prioritize imperialism as their main enemy while maintaining their class independence from the bourgeois forces of their country. The worst they can do is paint counter-revolutionary movements with progressive colours. Something similar applies to the communists in Russia.

Communists living in countries that belong to or are allies of the Western imperialist bloc have an easier job: the relentless struggle to defeat the plans of their own imperialism, sabotage the siege of Russia and China, and to defend the countries that are in the cross-hairs of imperialism.

What we never do is hide behind workers and oppressed to support imperialism. Not now, not in the past, not ever.

We leave this vile role to those who signed the joint declaration of “solidarity with the uprising in Kazakhstan“, who seem to have turned supporting imperialism via various movements of “colour revolution” into a profession. The red revolutions, that we defend, presuppose, in the current phase of capitalism, the struggle for liberation in relation to imperialism.



Bolshevik Group (볼셰비키그룹) – South Korea

Class Conscious – Australia (classconscious.org)

Consistent Democrats (Great Britain)

Liga Comunista (Brazil)

Socialist Workers League (USA)

Tendencia Militante Bolchevique (Argentina)

Communist Revolutionary Action (KED or Κομμουνιστική Επαναστατική Δράση – Greece)


Safak Can – independent marxist militant – Turkey

Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha – President, Inter Press Network, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nigel Singh – independent left militant, Oxford – Great Britain

Anna Brogan – London, Great Britain.

4 thoughts on “Kazakhstan: In the aftermath of the defeat of another colour revolution

  1. The Workers League agrees mostly, see: While genuine revolutionists offer no political support to the governments of any of the former Soviet Republics, we condemn and oppose ultra-violent regime change operations which are squarely aimed at the Russian Federation. What is more, Kazakhstan today is another example that capitulation to the fake Covid “pandemic” does not at all appease, or ingratiate, one’s nation to imperialism. On the contrary, this only emboldens Wall Street to unleash yet more subversion. Global capitalism has reached such a depth of a crisis that it can only resort to extreme violence against the working masses in a vain attempt to save itself. The only real protection from imperialism is for socialism to once again return to the steppes of Kazakhstan, Russia, Eurasia and internationally. Key to this is the construction of internationally linked workers vanguard parties based on the Marxism of Lenin and Trotsky, and the supersession of capitalism via the assembly of nationalised and planned economies.:

  2. There’s nothing ‘fake’ about the Covid 19 pandemic and hopefully the forces opposed to the colour revolution will crush those who seek to allow it to kill and maim large numbers the way they crush such anti-social types in China.

    Firing squads for the likes of Djokovitch and Piers Corbyn seem fine to me.

  3. Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky would be the first in the row to get a Vaccination, class betrayer Wybo.

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