IUAFS leaflet to 13 Jan national Palestine March in London: “Zionist Holocaust backed by the West, aping Hitler. In Ukraine they fund open Nazis.”

Demonstrate for political prisoners and against child murderers in Palestine and Ukraine!

We Need a Unified Struggle Against Imperialism!

Genocide is in full swing in Gaza. Israel is shooting civilians in homes and the streets, destroying and bulldozing hospitals, schools, UN refuge facilities, and more. Killing medical staff, patients, children, even babies, stopping incubators causing death and/or bulldozing them under the ruins. More than 22,000 are confirmed dead already, with many thousands more under rubble. Half are children; half Gaza’s population are under 18. Israel’s carpet-bombing, stopping essential supplies including fuel, medicine, drinking water, is driven by Nazi-like racism. They force people to flee from North to South to further South. More than three quarters of the population of Gaza are homeless and starving, with catastrophic epidemics taking hold.

Netanyahu openly stated they want Gazans to flee to Egypt. Failing that they want to slaughter them. Similar crimes are happening now in the West Bank: hundreds have been killed by bloodthirsty settlers and troops. They are attempting another Nakba, showing the kinship between Zionism and Nazism. The 1948 Nakba was a similar crime.

A huge protest movement traverses the globe. Earlier, Russian President Putin, fighting a war against US-backed Nazis in Ukraine, compared the siege of Gaza with Hitler’s siege of Leningrad. The Houthi movement of Yemen declared war on Israel in solidarity with the Palestinians and blockaded Israel-bound shipping from the Red Sea. This has hurt Israel and its backers financially. Governments including Jordan, Turkey, Chile, Venezuela, Honduras, Spain, Iran, Iraq and Colombia condemned the genocide, and several countries have broken diplomatic relations with Israel.

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemns Israel, whilst the US repeatedly vetoes ceasefire resolutions in the Security Council. The Russian amendment for ‘immediate ceasefire” would have passed had it not been for the US veto. At the November BRICS summit in Durban, China called for a ceasefire and an end to ‘collective punishment’ of the people of Gaza.

Biden has moved a ‘multinational’ force of stooges towards Yemen to threaten the Houthis, and US warships in the Eastern Mediterranean threaten Hezbollah, Syria and Iran – protecting Israel as it threatens Lebanon with a Gaza-like genocide. The United States and its allies own this holocaust.

Sunak’s government instructs cops to arrest Palestine solidarity activists, supposedly for ‘supporting’ Hamas. Activists such as Tony Greenstein, Mick Napier, Craig Murray, Ranjeet Brar, Yael Khan, have been arrested on false accusations of ‘anti-semitism’ or supporting ‘terrorism’. Hamas are popular among Palestinians because they are seen as incorruptible and militant fighters, but they are just one, militantly Islamic ideological trend – many others, some secular and leftist, are involved in the struggle. Evidence has emerged that many if not most of the civilian October 7 victims were slaughtered by Israel, under the ‘Hannibal Directive’ – slaughtering their own troops and civilians to prevent capture.

We must support the Palestinians whoever leads them. The pro-Zionists in government, neoliberal mercenaries all, have genocidal views. Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party was destroyed by Zionist destabilisation, much of it run by the Israeli Embassy. The neoliberal Starmer wing works closely with Zionism. All these parties are dominated by ‘Friends of Israel’ anti-Palestinian racists.

Their problem is many millions of people here, and billions worldwide, are familiar with the genocidal oppression of Palestinians. Racist, anti-working-class bigotry which drags official politics here to the far-right is bound up with vile attitudes to Palestinians and Muslims, just as before WWII Hitlerian Jew-hate poisoned political life.

Similar politics are behind the war in Ukraine, where the West has peddled similar lies as about Palestinians, about Russians supposedly raping women, killing babies and engaging in ‘genocide’. The imperialists project their own barbarism onto their intended victims. In fact, the number of civilians killed by both sides since the beginning of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) in February 2022, over 600 days ago, are far less than the more than the 28,000 deaths Israel inflicted on Gaza in three months. But this is not from want of trying. The Ukrainian Nazis have used petal mines, cluster bombs and depleted Uranium, supplied by the West, all of which particularly kill children and the elderly, or cause birth defects in future generations. There have been considerable deaths, but the Russian Army have prevented many more.

There are great similarities between what Western imperialism is trying to do in Ukraine and what the Zionists are doing in Palestine. In 2014, the US spent $10 billion organising the Maidan coup that brought Nazi Banderaists to power as part of NATO expansion, aiming to threaten Russia with US strategic weapons from Ukraine. The Nazi regime abolished the previous legal equality between languages, and began persecuting Russian speakers, close to half the population, particularly centred in the Donbass (South Eastern) region. Crimea, where the majority is Russian, voted to join Russia then.

When in 2014 the population of Donbass rose up and demanded autonomy and language rights, the regime declared an ‘anti-terrorist operation’. For eight years before Russia’s SMO, this terrorist war against Donbass people and the People’s Republics they set up, cost 14,000 lives. Preparing for a much bigger conflict with Russia, the US groomed Zelensky, his Jewish origin being ideal camouflage for Nazi forces to ethnically cleanse and slaughter this population.

At the beginning of 2022 the Zelensky/Nazi regime, with its backers led by Biden, planned a much bigger offensive to re-conquer the Donbass. Russia intervened to stop this ethnic cleansing and genocide. Given the chance, this oppressed population voted to join Russia. Russia is not denying the right of Ukrainians to their own state, and there are no Russian troops in the Ukrainian-speaking West of Ukraine. US-UK-EU Imperialism falsely accuse Russia of annexation of Ukraine while providing cover for annexation through genocide in Palestine.

This was exposed in Canada last Autumn when the Canadian neo-liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau together with Zelensky (a Zionist who vows to make Ukraine a ‘big Israel’ through ethnic cleansing of Russian-speaking people), publicly applauded a 98-year-old veteran of Hitler’s SS. When even Macron says ‘stop killing women and babies’ in Gaza, it is because he wants Israel’s brutality better hidden!  This understanding, about the lies of imperialism about Ukraine, needs to become as widely known as the facts about Palestine and Gaza: we need a unified struggle against the global war of imperialism on humanity and its children. Solidarity with the Palestinians! Solidarity with the children of humanity!

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