Harry’s Place: Far-Right Zionist Scammers Attacking the Left

Someone doesn’t like the Consistent Democrats. The crypto-fascist/Zionist hate site Harry’s Place is complaining bitterly that our comrades were quite legally selling our (completely legal) journal on the Palestine Solidarity demonstration on 3rd February. No doubt they would like to see us rounded up by some blue-uniformed Gestapo, our comrades done away with IDF style, and our journals burned the way Hitler liked to burn Communist literature.

They are illiterate and stupid. Or so enraged that they cannot read. Look at the picture, and compare it with what they write. A) Its obvious that the paper is called Communist Fight, not Socialist Fight. It says so in the picture. B) The organisation is the Consistent Democrats, not Socialist Fight. It says so in the picture. C) It’s not a leaflet but a signed article on the front page of a journal. It says so in the picture. D) It wasn’t being given away free but selling for £1.20 an issue. It says so in the picture. And E) Gerry Downing is not one of the publishers. If they had bothered to read the journal they were complaining about they would be able to discern that from the Editorial Board.

Those of us who have been around for years remember when one of their regular contributors, Terry Fitzpatrick, was convicted of racially-aggravated harassment of Lee Jasper, the well-known London activist of Operation Black Vote.

Harry’s Place has been something of a fixture in very right wing Zionist politics, that however does try to intervene and attack the left with various trojan horse type activities, for around 20 years.

 It was originally founded by a renegade from official Communism, Simon Evans, who was using the name “Harry Steel” at the time this blog was founded.

He was a con-artist and stole that pseudonym from a different person entirely, Fergus Nicholson, the founder of the pro-Moscow Labour-entrist paper Straight Left which was a key part of the rallying of pro-Moscow Stalinoid opponents of Eurocommunism within the original Communist Party of Great Britain in the 1980s.

The pseudonym “Harry Steel” was a composite, of the name of CPGB long time leader Harry Pollitt, with Stalin, whose celebrated pseudonym (his real name was Djugashvilli) means “Man of Steel” in Russian. That was the original meaning of “Harry Steel” as used by Fergus Nicholson in the 1980s.

But Simon Evans was a con-artist and used that name to give the false impression that he was Fergus Nicholson, or might be. He did this to wage a vendetta against supporters of Jack Conrad and the Weekly Worker, who were a small left-wing faction of the old CPGB and when the Eurocommunist-led party renamed itself the Democratic Left, the Weekly Worker/Leninist group took the name ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’.

As I said, Evans was a con-artist and used the ‘Harry’ name to fish in troubled waters as there was a lot of resentment among ‘official’ Communists about Conrad’s group taking the name.

But he was not a Communist of any kind by then. He was a right-winger with Zionist sympathies who gathered around himself a whole bunch of virulent racist Zionists. He founded Harry’s Place but after a year or so effectively retired and handed it over to them.

They not only supported the Iraq War but spent a huge amount of effort trying to witchhunt and destroy opponents of that war. Their rantings against Muslims and ‘uppity’ black militants were extremely virulent. Hence the role of Terry Fitzpatrick, who appears to reflect part of a particular elderly Jewish white demographic who became sympathetic to the BNP.

They were particularly driven by hatred of George Galloway and his Muslim supporters in the East End. Much of their material about this is as toxic as the rantings of any Hitlerites.

For the last two decades or so they have been basically an anti-Muslim, anti-black race hate site. But they used the ambivalence of much of the left about Zionism to try to disguise that a bit.

The experience of this genocide is killing that ambivalence, however, and exposing what racist scum Zionists generally actually are. Hence the hysteria.

Harry’s Place is a racist endeavour and has been for many years. The Consistent Democrats, modelled on the Bolshevik Party that used that name in illegality under Tsarism, is the complete opposite. The most consistent anti-racist endeavour, opponents of all kinds of racism including Zionist racism which is now seeking the extermination of the Palestinian people.

Harry’s Place is a far right, wannabe Gestapo hate site, similar to Redwatch.

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