Facebook’s Zionist-Racist Cancel Culture In the Service of Child Murder

By Ian Donovan

So I’ve been suspended from using Mark Zuckerburg’s racist and anti-democratic Facebook platform yet again.

This time for supposedly ‘bullying’ an Israeli Zionist extremist named Aron White, who comes from London and indeed studied here at the University of London, but then evidently made ‘aliyah’ to Israel in order to participate in the occupation of Palestinians in Jerusalem. He also studied at, and is now employed by, an establishment called Yeshivat NaKotel, an orthodox Jewish school in the Old City of Jerusalem, which was established after the conquest of East Jerusalem by Israel in 1967.

Similar institutions and movements are involved directly in the ethnic cleansing and persecution of the Palestinian inhabitants of Sheikh Jarrar, which was the immediate issue over which the 11-day Saif Al Quds (Sword of Jerusalem) war broke out. It has not been possible to establish a direct participation of this particular yeshiva in these events, but they are evidently part of a common milieu of racism and violent religious extremism with these particular criminals.

In any case, this Aron White made remarks in the face of clear evidence of the large scale, deliberate killing of Arab children by the Israeli Murder Forces, that blames the Palestinian people as represented by Hamas who THEY ELECTED AS LEADERS IN THE LAST FREE ELECTION ISRAEL PERMITTED, in 2006, for defending their people against genocidal terror and firing home-made rockets at the occupiers, land theives and terrorists and thereby supposedly ‘forcing’ these terrorists to murder their children.

New York Times front page photo-spread of child victims of 11-day Israeli bombardment of Gaza in May shows enormous disproportionality. 2 of these kids were Israeli, but the Palestinian rockets, fired in Gaza’s self-defence, that killed them have no proper guidance and the deaths were thus accidental. The Gazan kids were killed by hi-tech precision weaponry, Israeli’s killers and propagandists boast; their deaths were therefore premeditated murder,

This is a genocidal position based on the absurd excuse that Israel had concocted, of ‘roof knocking’  where they fire a rock to knock the roof of a civilian home to supposedly warn the inhabitants that their home is about to be flattened within a minute or two and to run for their lives.

This is itself clearly an act of terrorism and is guaranteed to cause panic, trauma, homelessness…. and death to the many who for any number of reasons are unable to escape. A monstrous act in itself.

Particularly as their victims are completely unarmed on an individual basis and collectively only have glorified firework rockets without guidance systems, which rather rarely hit anything and usually do minimal damage when they do.

In any case, White’s boast about ‘precision bombing’ proves more than he intends. Because if they are so ‘precise’ then the deaths they inflict are clearly intended to happen. The killings of these kids are clearly premeditated as the authors of these crimes know very well from repeated experience what happens when they fire their ‘precision’ weapons. They kill many kids. That is the desired effect.

In my honest opinion his excuses for the mass murder of children of the ‘enemy’ ethnic group makes him a genocidal killer by ideology and thereby my view that he would make a fine SS recruit is fair comment.

Its amazing that FB could consider that someone openly  supporting terrorist murder of civilians could be ‘bullied’.  The obvious political explanation for this is that FB itself considers such murders to be just fine. FB itself should therefore be targeted for punishment by anti-racists for this.

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