Defend the Lula government against coup d’état! Workers on the Street!

This is a joint declaration of the Liga Comunista (Brazilian Section of the LCFI), and the Communist Party of the Brazilian People, on yesterday’s coup attempt in Brazil.

On January 8, after the first week of the Lula government, there was a rehearsal of a Bolsonarist coup d’état.

The coup has the connivance not only of the government of the Federal District and its police, but also had the complicity of the Ministry of Defense of the Lula government. Minister José Mucio, was in the camps with the coup leaders on Sunday morning and had presented an Army report to Lula concluding that there was a great demobilization of the Bolsonarist camps, that is, he advised them to let their guard down, which ended up favoring the coup action.

The apparatus of the Armed Forces, the intelligence sector (ABIN), the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) also continue to be a transmission belt of fascism. For this reason, they did not denounce the coup widely announced by all Bolsonarist circles. Worse, they did not anticipate any preventive measures or contain the caravans. On the contrary, members of the Armed Forces participated directly and even took selfies, posing in the middle of the attack on Congress.

These facts indicate that Lula does not control the federal repressive apparatus or the national intelligence agencies. The fact that these security organizations do not intervene, in fact, is a way of intervening, giving carte blanche to fascist groups.

Behind this coup rehearsal are not only those who paid for the caravans, buses, logistics, cost allowance and accommodation, but also financial capital, the big merchants, owners of food networks, the landowners, in short, the bourgeoisie and imperialism, the banks and the media, which have been trying to sabotage the Lula government since its early days with economic measures such as increasing fuel prices.

This siege pushes the Lula government to become hostage to the repressive apparatus still under Bolsonarist control.

There is only one way to defeat the coup: a broad popular mobilization. This is the only way we can guarantee workers’ rights, including a real increase in the minimum wage.

No conciliation! No tolerance! No amnesty for coup!

The Bolsonarist coup d’état rehearsal carried out now in 2023 in Brazil is much more serious and stronger than the 2021 assault of the Trumpists on the Capitol. Trump did not have the support of the Pentagon and most of the CIA. Bolsonaristas have the support of a large Brazilian repressive arc to overthrow the Lula government and attack the people..

Democracy is health, education, land, work, real wages, transportation for the working population and not the continuation of robbery and the constant threat of coup d’état and Bolsonarist fascism.

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