Consistent Democrats leaflet to No2NATO London Rally: “Fight Fascism not ‘Foreigners’”

No2NATO could have started a mass anti-imperialist movement!

Putting neo-Nazis on its platforms has wrecked it and damaged the whole movement!

A crucial task of socialist and communist activists today is to build labour movement solidarity with the Russian-speaking and Russian people of the Donbass and Crimea who have been targeted for elimination by Western-backed Nazis. In 2014 US neocons instigated a coup in Ukraine, overthrowing the elected government and putting in power far right forces. That was the real beginning of the current war, not the beginning of the Russian SMO in Feb 2022, which was justified defence of the targets of genocide. Cult followers of Nazi-collaborators and mass killers such as Bandera became the dominant power in Ukraine. They glory in the killing by the Third Reich of many millions of Russians on Hitler’s Eastern Front in WWII. Bandera’s forces also killed many Jews, but today Israel is an ally of the Ukrainian Nazis, and an elaborate operation has been concocted to camouflage the NATO-funded Nazi bloodlust against Russians with the puppet President Zelensky, whose Jewish origin masks far right Zionist politics.

George Galloway’s vision of the working class is something out of Alf Garnett. Attacking Starmer’s Labour Party, which tries to compete with the Tories in xenophobia, for not being xenophobic enough. Looks like the Workers Party wants to join in the xenophobia competition between Starmer and Braverman.

We should be mobilising anti-fascist sentiment and exposing the proclivities of Western ‘liberal’ hypocrites who are funding Nazi killers, giving them billions in military aid, supplying them with enormous quantities of weapons including DU munitions and cluster bombs, obviously designed to kill as many Russians as possible. This is being done at the expense of the living standards of the working class everywhere, including here, with sanctions, inflation and gun-running. Anti-war activists should be exposing the traitorous union leaders who support this ruinous war against our class for Nazi bloodlust. We should be exposing Russophobia and xenophobic sentiment generally, appealing to the many workers of immigrant background who have experience of imperialist crimes, and who understand full well why such events as the Russia-Africa summit, attended by most African states, are so important in opposing the West’s drive to impose its will on peoples all over the world.

It is a total disaster that No2NATO has put David Clews, a close collaborator of the Neo-Nazi Patriotic Alternative, on its platforms. We need a mobilisation of the labour movement against fascism and Russophobia, which is a potent form of racism today. This behaviour from Galloway and the Workers Party has undercut No2NATO’s potential appeal and helped Russophobic liars to portray opposition to the war as in some way pro-fascist. Its an outrage against the entire non-white population of this country. Clews and co want to ‘repatriate’ non-whites. We do not need ‘allies’ who rail against migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

We don’t need xenophobic ranting from George Galloway, who was once an outspoken defender of migrants and the Muslim community, incredibly attacking Starmer’s racist Labour Party from the right for liking ‘foreigners’ in a recent outrageous tweet. What’s with the Red, White and Blue roundel symbol, anyway? It sure ain’t Russian even. And in any case, the flag of the labour movement is red only.

We need supporters of No2NATO to demand an end to this reactionary crap, break with the far right, and organise to throw such xenophobia in the rubbish.

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