Communist Fight issue no 3 out now!

Communist Fight issue no 3 is now available as a PDF. It is not currently available as a hard copy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we do plan to print and distribute our journal as hard copy as and when circumstances allow.

This journal is a product of our commitment to maintaining a high-quality Marxist journal based on the politics of Trotskyism and the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International.

There are a number of important articles in this issue including a treatment of the Trans question, which has become a subject of some controversy in parts of the left recently due to a certain dovetailing between a backward right-wing feminist trend and the ‘working class’ pretentions of right-wing populism, which have had a perverse impact on a weakened left.

We have major articles on the Tory government’s offensive against workers exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic, and the beginnings of class sentiment reasserting itself at the base of the labour movement because of theses outrages.

Also a crucial article on the US Elections and the threat to the working class and the oppressed from the atrophying of the US bourgeoisie’s pretence of democracy. And an important statement from the LCFI issued prior to the recent election in Bolivia, which was won by the leftist-populist MAS movement, by a very clear popular majority, in the face of the coup orchestrated by US imperialism.

And there is an important statement by the LCFI on the phenomenon of ‘hybrid war’, which has recently been seen in such diverse locations as Lebanon, Belarus and Argentina, the waging of irregular campaigns to destabilise halfway non-cooperative regimes by pro-imperialist forces as a currently more successful method than overt military interventions.

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