Communist Fight issue no 2 out now!

Communist Fight issue no 2 is now available as a PDF. It is not currently available as a hard copy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we do plan to print and distribute our journal as hard copy as and when circumstances allow.

This journal is a product of our commitment to maintaining a high-quality Marxist journal based on the politics of Trotskyism and the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International.

Particular attention is drawn to the article on page 17, titled The Death Spell by Humberto Rodriguez, a leading Latin American comrade of the LCFI, which contains a theoretical treatment of neoliberalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic, and how alienation and commodity fetishism is used to entice and pressure working class people to endanger their lives for capital.

Other articles, apart from the lead on Starmer’s New Labour, deal with the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey, the upsurge of anti-racist and Black struggles beginning in the United States, and a Zionist witchhunting attack on Black Lives Matter and anti-racist militants.

2 thoughts on “Communist Fight issue no 2 out now!

  1. ” . . . genuinely amusing satirists like Mike Yarwood”

    It is clear from this statement that the author does not know the meaning of the word “satire”. Mike Yarwood was an impressionist, not a satirist.

    If you find a man giving a bad impression of a politician, saying childish things like “silly billy” amusing, then I think you would be advised to refrain from cultural criticism.

  2. He still mimicked, took the piss out of, or caricatured, recognisable traits of politicians. An impressionist, unless he is acting as an imposter, is invariably also a satirist.

    He didn’t make up outright lies and then do sketches based on them.

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