Communist Fight issue 9 out now!

Communist Fight issue #9 is now available.

The entire focus of this issue is the war in Ukraine, and the defence of Russia and the population of the Donbass from NATO’s proxy war. The lead article is a full-scale expose of the war propaganda and concentrated lying that has characterised this war from the start, with the entire bourgeois media peddling the most hysterical lies in a manner unequalled since the outbreak of the First World War. This is fitting, because what we are talking about is a slow-motion Third World War, or at least overt preparation for it, being waged by US imperialism to try to shore up its declining world hegemony, which has reached crisis point. They are desperately searching for a way to destroy both China and Russia to preserve ‘full spectrum dominance’, ie. US world hegemony. The lead article also focuses heavily on the blatant racism being fomented in Britain by the warmakers, racialised indulgence of Ukrainians going hand-in-hand with abuses against non-whites refugees from the Middle East and Africa, while Russians are blatantly targeted for persecution and sporting and cultural figures, even dead ones, are targeted for racist bans.

The main focus of the issue is the International online forum that took place between Communist and Anti-Imperialist organisations on 26 March. The entire transcripts are in this issue. Along with the May Day statement that was initiated from that forum, has been signed by most of the participants in that forum, and many more. At the time of May Day it had gained the support of 22 organisations from six continents, with more undoubtedly on the way, and an impressive list of individual supporters. It embodies our attempt to create something akin to the Zimmerwald Left that provided a revolutionary focus during WWI, and which laid the basis for the emergence of the Communist International. We desperately need a mass revolutionary international today, to provide revolutionary leadership against the potent threat of imperialist WWIII and climate catastrophe. In this regard also the journal also contains the statements of the LCFI on the outbreak of the war, and also a statement of the South Korean Bolshevik Group, which we also consider highly principled, as well as a statement documenting our work in Britain with the International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity, under whose banner we have been active since the Maidan coup in defence of the people of the Donbass.

There are also articles on the French Presidential elections, and the recent consistitutional coup in Pakistan that ousted the hardly-radical president Imran Khan for disobeying US imperialism over Russian sanctions. And there is an important article on the Malvinas War, 40 years after the event, that looks at the implications of today’s rise of China for fighting US imperialist domination in South America.

All in all this issue is very focused on the struggle against imperialism and war and is a significant contribution to rearming the left to struggle against these.

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