Communist Fight issue 4 out now!

Communist Fight issue no 4 is now available as a PDF. It is not currently available as a hard copy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we do plan to print and distribute our journal as hard copy as and when circumstances allow.

This journal is a product of our commitment to maintaining a high-quality Marxist journal based on the politics of Trotskyism and the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (LCFI).

This issue addresses in some depth the fallout from the Trumpist attempted putsch at the Capitol on Jan 6th, and not only contains our statement on this, but also the positions of our international co-thinkers in the Americas, where some differences have emerged on how to respond to this event, and a response from ourselves that continues the debate.

As an international tendency the LCFI, of which we are a disciplined part, is committed to open debate on the most crucial questions of the workers movement, and following in the tradition of the Bolsheviks, that included when differences arise on matters of theoretical understanding with programmatic implications in our own ranks.

The issue also contains a comprehensive article on the issues posed by Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from Labour, the report of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ in Labour, which we consider to be part of a Zionist and ruling class smear and disinformation campaign. This article deconstructs the central claims and smears made in the report, and is particularly relevant in the light of the legal action of Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley in seeking to challenge the smears in the report.

And to cap it off, the lead article goes on the attack against the Johnson regime in the light of the fall of Trump, points out the similarities of Johnson’s politics and following to Trump, and analyses the despicable social-Darwinist brutality and mendacity that has led to the UK having the worst death rate in the world from Covid-19. It also is unsparing of the treachery of Starmer and the neoliberal Labour right, which is now dominant, and offers some pointers as to how a new working class party can be built. Such a party is desperately necessary.

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