Communist Fight issue #11 is now available

This issue focuses on the struggle against imperialist war in the wider world, and on the struggles of the working class at home against the massive attack being perpetrated by the ruling class against us today.

The front-page lead article focuses on the murderous fuel price attack on the working class and calls for a general strike and vengeance against the profiteers. It is obvious that if this is not defeated it will lead to many deaths, probably many more than Cameron’s earlier austerity attacks and Johnson’s malicious use of the Covid pandemic for a cull. It also tears into the outrageous attempts to blame Russia for a massive gouging of profits out of the population by oil and gas profiteers. This is a catastrophic attack on the population and needs to be defeated and crushed by organised labour.  

In the back page lead article, there is extensive coverage of the war in Ukraine, the recent pause and partial Russian defeats, and an analysis of the reasons for this. Notwithstanding the imperialist media, the Special Military Operation that began in February was a defensive act, done on a shoestring with a limited number of troops mobilised on a temporary basis. That proved insufficient and Russia has been compelled to do the job properly with a proper mobilisation and a determined commander put in place. Our article analyses the acts of US inspired terrorism, involving the British, and behind it imperialist desperation that their puppets
are still heading for defeat in this war. We obviously motivate that the working class has a side in this war – with the people of the Donbass who are targets for imperialist/Nazi terrorism/genocide, and their Russian defenders.

There is material on the anti-imperialist united front on an international level in the current context from our Brazilian comrades in the Liga Comunista,  and their article on the recent electoral victory of Lula Da Silva of the Workers Party over the fascistic populist Bolsonaro,
and the collective actions of workers that put paid to the threat of his trying to stay in power after losing the election, Trump style.

Regarding the struggle against imperialism, there is a sharp attack on the imperialist media trying to use discontent in China at lockdown measures to protect against Covid, to incite ‘colour revolution’ Noting that the liberal media in particularly often correctly condemned those who defied public health measures in the West, and yet are inciting such things in China.

One Ukraine again, there is a piece on Germany’s adoption of the Nazi concept of ‘Holodomor’ as a smear of the USSR as supposedly guilty of a 1930s ‘genocide’ in Ukraine, to excuse German imperialism’s backing Ukrainian Nazis that were Hitler’s supporters. There is a solidarity statement with the people of the Donbass republics and oblasts regarding the recent referenda for unification with Russia, and a leaflet issued by International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity to a recent meeting of Stop the War in London. And there is a short piece noting the threat
from US funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

Regarding politics in Britain, there is a review of Chris Williamson’s new book on his struggles in the Labour Party as the most principled figure among Labour parliamentary figures in the Corbyn period, in standing up to the witchhunt. And a more extensive article on the prospects of a unification of comrade Williamson’s Resist movement with the Socialist Labour Party of Arthur
Scargill, as a potential step forward to creating a genuine workers party here. There in an article addressing the need to abolish the Monarchy in the context of the death of the monarch this summer.

In all this issue is, as is right, very much centred on the struggle against imperialism and war.

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