Communist Fight #5 out now in hard copy also

Communist Fight issue no 5, paper of the Consistent Democrats, British Section of the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International, is out now. Including in hard copy, it is on sale for £2.50 (£1 concession)
It contains the extensive May Day statement of the LCFI, which addresses the issues posed for the world working class by the pandemic, the economic crisis that accompanies it, and the continued conflicts in the world occasioned by the decline of US hegemony and the challenges to it, as well as a section on the current situation in Britain.

Also it features:

a major article from our Brazilian comrades on Navalny, who evidently aspires to be the Guaido of Russia and is a truly sinister, far right figure that the workers movement should not be defending.

a united front statement signed by ourselves and other left forces denouncing imperialist threats against Russia over Ukraine.

our statement on Biden’s escalation of US aggression in Syria, and his continuation of Trump’s anti-China campaign.

An article on the recent campaign for unionisation at Amazon at Bessemer, Alabama, also from our comrades from the Americas.

Our statement and political account on the break of the rump Socialist Fight group from the LCFI, and consequently why the British Section of the LCFI is no longer a faction and has thus changed its name to reflect that.

And an account of the fight waged by one of our comrades against being purged from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign by its Starmer-loyal leaders, who effectively act as just another arm of the Israel lobby.

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