Communist Fight #14 is now available

Communist Fight #14 is now available. This issue contains extensive coverage of two crucial issues of our time: Zionism; and the nature of Russia and China, and of the nature of the new Cold War that evidently flows from imperialist antagonism to them.

The lead article is a comprehensive exposition of the newly formulated position of the LCFI on the nature of Russia and China. We consider them both to be bourgeois states, the products of counterrevolution in the early 1990s, but with one huge problem for their capitalism. The vast majority of their productive forces, military power and administrative apparatus are not the product of capitalism at all. They are the products of social regimes that for decades represented an (incomplete and stunted) transition to a higher mode of production: socialism.  This circumstance leads us to note that these states are not trusted by the imperialist bourgeoisie at all. Their bourgeois nature is not clearly sustainable, is fragile, and capable of reversion. Some elements of reversion have already happened, which the imperialists hate. For us, this is the underlying reason for NATO expansion and the current Cold War most clearly expressed over Ukraine. They are deformed bourgeois states, deformed by many decades of post-capitalist economic growth and development, and fundamentally incompatible with concrete form of capitalism that dominates the world today, imperialism. The implications of this for the revolutionary movement are explored at some length.

We also have considerable coverage of Zionism. The back page article is a short piece denouncing the bloody and genocidal attack on Gaza in the aftermath of the armed prison break from Gaza on 7th October. Then we have two extensive articles challenging witchhunting of the most outspoken and militant anti-Zionists by elements on the left who evidence forms of Jewish identity politics. Though these comrades abhor open Zionism, they have elements in common with the latter that lead them to try to suppress some debates about the most contentious aspects of Zionism, which for them touches on difficult questions that they consider only those who defend their type of identity politics can be allowed to touch upon.

In particular, Zionism’s bourgeois-imperialist international dimension and its imperialist nature in itself. Anti-Zionists like Pete Gregson and David Miller, who have touched, even inadvertently on these, have been ananthematised as ‘anti-Semitic’ by elements on the left who reject getting to grips with this. We consider that in order to fully tackle and overcome softness on Zionism on the left, all these questions must be addressed. Our article defending David Miller, and the open letter we initiated defending Peter Gregson, address these questions in depth and are therefore important for this issue.

We also have an article by a disabled comrade analysing and criticising the government’s latest attacks on disabled people’s rights. And we have a short piece on this government’s attack on democratic rights which inevitably centres on Gaza.

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