Stop the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia! Stop US preparations of war against China!  

The US/NATO proxy war in the Ukraine, is probably the opening battle of World War Three! The US promotion of fascist forces in Ukraine highlights the connection between imperialism, fascism and imperialist war. US imperialism and its imperialist vassals are currently threatening to expand the war in the Ukraine by starting a disastrous war against China.

US imperialism only holds a single conventional military winning ‘card’ against China: Its naval military dominance. That is why a large section of the US ruling class wants a war with China NOW! They know that in a few years, even this naval military advantage will disappear and are willing to incinerate the entire planet in in their panic. Sections of the US ruling class are also banking on the insane idea that in the event of full scale war with Russia and China, the US can win a nuclear war.  Can we afford to let these imperialist vampires destroy the planet, without an international outcry?

There is, surely, a debate taking place, RIGHT NOW, within the ruling class over whether to go to war against both Russia and China NOW. We cannot be passive in this critical moment. This is a call out for groups and individuals to come together to plan to organise in the face of this threat!  Initial ideas for actions to be discussed include:


The workers and the oppressed people of the planet need to hold militant INTERNATIONALLY COORDINATED DEMONSTRATIONS in cities all around the world, against the plans of the US-led imperialist warmongers! The common slogans will be confirmed by those who come together but currently are:

Stop the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia! Stop US preparations of war against China!


Monday September 12th is the 200th day since Russia launched its military intervention in Ukraine. The proposal is to hold a panel focussing on the first 200 days on the war in Ukraine  to discuss its implications for the international class struggle.

Endorse the call out and get involved!

If you or your group would like to be part of these discussions for planning actions to “Stop the war of US/NATO imperialism against Russia! Stop US preparations of war against China!” or would like to endorse the call out for the panel and the protests then lease let us know action by filling in the form below or sending an email to no*******************@pr****.me

We have named the new network organising these protests the Worldwide Organising Network Against Fascism, Imperialism, Racism and Exploitation (WORLDONFIRE) Current Endorsers – Organisations

  • Class Conscious (Australia and US)
  • Communist Revolutionary Action(KED)  (Greece)
  • Consistent Democrats (LCFI Great Britain Communist League (LCFI – Brazil) Militant Bolshevik Tendency (LCFI-Argentina) Socialist Workers League (LCFI- US)
  • Komite Esperansa (Timor-Leste)
  •  Partido Obrero Socialista de Costa Rica
  • Socialist Fight (UK)
  • Socialist Unity Party (US)
  • Trotskyist Fraction – Proletarian Vanguard (Brasil)

Current Endorsers Individuals

  • Karin Hilpisch (Germany)
  • Abubacarr Socialist Jallow (The Gambia)
  • Queile Batista Cabral Soares (Brasil)
  • Catherine-Anne McCloskey (US)
  • Marguerite Elia (US)
  • Penguimedes (US)
  • нкпј (Serbia)
  • Ezequiel Corvillo

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