ARGENTINA: For the unity of the workers against imperialism and fascism!

All at the National Plenary of the 21F on September 8th!

Liaison Committee for the Fourth International

Due to the complexity of Argentine civil society and the achievements of the struggle against the military dictatorship (1976-1983), the imperialist offensive sometimes needs to be carried out through elections, as happened with Mauricio Macri, unlike other Latin American countries where parliamentary coups occurred, supported by the powers of the armed forces,  judicial and media (Brazil, 2016, Bolivia, 2019, Peru, 2022).

The recent projection acquired by two strong fascist candidates of the Argentine bourgeoisie, Javier Milei and Patricia Bulriich, shows that the agents of imperialism have reached a higher level of their coup escalation in the country. They immediately perpetrated a wave of looting, artificially organized by the right, taking advantage of the growing social misery of the country.

Fernández’s Peronist government tries to balance between big capital and the Argentine workers who vote for it, seeking the impossible task of reconciling the enemy social classes, which results in the impoverishment of the people and the political weakening of the government. The government was not willing to confront imperialist blackmail and to organize the people to defend a sovereign policy of national development against imperialism and the bosses, which is why it launched a candidacy of the right wing of Peronism, Massa, to mediate its relationship with the United States, the United States and the EU.

Due to the sabotage of the Argentine economy by the IMF, there was a qualitative leap in its rapprochement with China, which assumed part of Argentina’s debt with the IMF, with Beijing replacing the role of creditor that the IMF (the imperialist Bank) had been fulfilling in relation to Buenos Aires, with resources from the exchange between the two countries.

During the last four decades, the IMF has been one of the main agents of control of the Argentine economy by international finance capital linked to the global imperialist system. At the 2023 BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, it was agreed that Argentina would join the BRICS in January 2024.

Imperialism is racing against time and intends to abort the course of alignment of Argentina with the bloc of nations opposed to the hegemonic bloc led by the US, leading the Argentine government and power to a fascist coalition that breaks relations with China, with Brazil, aborts the entry into BRICS and, against the current of the world economy, it wants to dollarize the Argentine economy. As many analysts have announced, the victory of fascism will take the country from an economic crisis to social chaos, a terrain favorable to fascism. As the fascist candidacies have already announced, they are imposing a brutal attack on the life of the population in order to achieve the recolonization of the country on the basis of brutal repression.

As the manifesto of the multisectoral 21F summarizes:

“The right, whether with Milei or with Bullrich, comes for everything: for the destruction of unions and the union model by subsidiaries, for collective agreements and an end to ultraactivity, for the elimination of compensations, for devaluations much more brutal than what we are experiencing, due to the privatization of public enterprises and the direct surrender of all our natural resources to prosperous funds. And they came determined to enforce all this with repression, whatever the cost, and regardless of the health of the workers.” ( CONVOCATION TO THE NATIONAL PLENARY OF MULTISECTOR 21 F)

The first and immediate task of the workers in Argentina and throughout Latin America is to crush fascism and defeat all the agents of imperialism so as not to allow the crisis to turn into chaos and at the same time continue to fight for jobs, wages and a dignified life for all.”

For this reason, we join the call of the multisectoral 21F for the convocation of the National Plenary Session on Friday, September 8, at 10:00 a.m., against fascism. The 21F is a multisectoral forum linked to the trade union and social movements linked to Peronism and Pope Francis. The TMB also publishes and disseminates the appeal, despite our differences with Peronism and with the Pope, to recognize the grave moment in which Argentina is the domino to fall due to the coups d’état and counter-revolutionary attacks of imperialism.

Below the Declaration of 21F


Friday, September 8, at the Truckers’ Library, at 10 a.m.

To our dear colleagues of Multisectoral 21

We appeal to all the multisectoral 21F who played a prominent role in resisting the neoliberal Macri government, in building the unity of the popular camp and during the pandemic, to reorganize quickly at this decisive moment for the Fatherland.

The right, whether with Milei or with Bullrich, comes for everything: for the destruction of the trade unions and the trade union model by branch, for collective agreements and the end of ultra-activity, for the elimination of compensation, for brutal devaluations much worse than the one we are experiencing, due to the privatisation of public enterprises and the direct surrender of all our natural resources to vulture funds. And they come determined to impose all this with repression, whatever the cost, and without caring about the fate of the workers.

The 21 F was born of the struggle against these anti-worker plans and has always had as its motto “Putting the Fatherland on our shoulders” and beyond the mistakes that our government of the Frente de Todos has committed, the disillusionment that it has produced in broad sectors of the population, and even the doubts that some may have in relation to this or that candidate,  it is indisputable that EVERYTHING WILL BE MUCH WORSE if Peronism loses, and that WITHIN Peronism we can continue fighting for a distributive bet with social justice and for many of the points we claim in our 21-point program.

We know that several multisectoral organizations continued with social, community and productive work, and others remained practically united, although with each group developing its work separately, but alert in case some emergency called us again. Urgency has arrived and fascism is just around the corner.

We know that many comrades of the 21F supported the formula of Massa, others of Grabois, others of Moreno, others of Schiaretti and even Libres del Sur or some left-wing candidate in the last primaries. But now, in the face of the advance of fascism, it is imperative to attack all together in the same direction and prevent the right or the extreme right from ruling again in Argentina.

For all this, we convene a national plenary with the presence of our inspiring and maestro Pablo Moyano, next Friday, September 8, at the Truckers’ Library, at 10am. For those who are from the Capital, Province of Buenos Aires, or who can come, you are invited to participate in person. For all colleagues from the interior of the country, who cannot travel, they will be able to participate by Zoom from Ushuaia to La Quiaca.

In this plenary we will not focus on the approval of bills or internships, but on how to redouble the campaign throughout the country to convince the more than 11 million compatriots who, out of disillusionment and anger, did not go to vote. And we will speak with the truth, without hiding the serious problems that exist, but not without warning that everything could be infinitely worse with the return of the right to power. And as San Martín taught us: “When the homeland is in danger, everything is allowed, except not defending it.”

The 21F was the backbone of the resistance when Macrismo won in 2017 and with strikes, mobilizations and a lot of militancy we turned the situation around and managed to defeat the right. Today the Fatherland demands that we return to the field and put the Fatherland back on our shoulders to continue fighting for a just, free and sovereign Argentina and to welcome our dear Pope Francis next year with a Peronist government.

On September 8, at 10 a.m., in person or virtually, we expect all of you.

Pablo Moyano
Secretary General of the CGT

Gustavo Vera Director of the
Executive Committee to Combat Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons Federal Coordination of the 21F

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