#3J: Out with Bolsonaro, Mourão and the military!

(This is a translation of a leaflet by the Emancipação do Trabalho (Emancipation of Labour) movement that the LCFI’s in Brazil supports and is involved with. #3J refers to the mass demonstrations against Bolsonaro on the 3rd July, the latest in a series of mass demonstrations against the regime.)

Why do we have to overthrow the entire Bolsonaro government?

For taking the death of more than 520,000 of our relatives and dear friends and still making a joke of it; for trying to make money from corrupt schemes for overpriced vaccine purchases; for the privatization of Eletrobrás, when energy that is already expensive will become more expensive and inaccessible to the poor; for reducing emergency aid to a miserable amount when we need help the most, while increasing the price of everything else; for stealing the forest and indigenous lands; for taking away our right to retirement. The generals of the Bolsonaro government, like Pazuello, are accomplices to all this, as are Paulo Guedes.

Should we trust impeachment and Congress?

Many brothers and sisters, out of desperation at the situation, support the impeachment of Bolsonaro. This would be a progressive step to destabilize the coup-dictatorship project in Brazil. But who would take over? Of course, General Mourão, who said that the Brazilian workers Christmas bonus (13th salary) is a jabuticaba, an indulgence that Brazilian workers should not be entitled to and does not like indigenous people or blacks. Therefore, with or without impeachment we cannot let up until we overthrow the Bolsonaro government and the coup regime. Without going beyond impeachment, what we will have is a Mourão government. We do not need another Bolsonaro, his supporters and accomplices or other scammers, we need a workers alternative to the misfortunes of Bolsonaro and his gang.

Workers’ Left Front

Our front is the men and women workers. There is no place for scammers in our midst. Who are the scammers? Who helped overthrow Dilma, who campaigned for Bolsonaro, who is voting for privatizations, for the destruction of social security, against women, indigenous people. This group is the MBL, PSDB, DEM, Doria, Witzel. It is the “repentant ones” who want to harm our unity. Our fight is for a Unified Day of Struggles and Popular Assemblies across the country! To achieve:

1. Vaccination for the whole population!

2. Assistance at the level of a minimum wage for all underemployed and unemployed!

3. Freezing of the basic basket of goods, and of gas, fuel and rent products;

4. Exemption from bills with continuity of provision of water, energy, internet services!

5. No layoffs or evictions in the city and in the countryside!

6. Nationalization without compensation of the big companies that lay off workers!

7. Nationalization and control by the workers’ organizations of pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies, and the private health system!

8. General amnesty of workers’ debts with the loan sharks, banks, and credit cards! Credit to associations and production cooperatives without interest!

9. Do not return to face-to-face classes until vaccination of the entire population!

10. Repeal of labour, social security, and all coup measures.

11. Full rights of Brazilian citizenship for all immigrants.

12. Let millionaires, bankers and foreign companies pay for the crisis!

13. Against oppression of women, blacks and lgbtqa+ of the working class, the indigenous and quilombolas (those descended from rebel former slaves)!

14. For the end of repression of the working class!

Emancipação do Trabalho

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