Celebrate Victory Day, May 9th

To celebrate the anniversary of Victory Day, May 9th 1945 we publish these images. The first depicts the Soviet Red Flag being raised over the Reichstag by Soviet troops defending the USSR workers state against Hilter’s barbaric counterrevolutionary attack through the crushing of the Nazi regime.

Today, Russia is again winning victories against predatory Western attacks. The USSR workers state is no more, though the form of capitalism restored there is fragile; its productive forces and strength owe virtually everything to the legacy of many decades of non-capitalist social and economic development. The imperialist West fears that in Russia and China, for all the inroads that capitalism has made there, their system is not copper-fastened and the masses have too much power for their liking. To them, these states can easily revert and are thus adversaries to wage Cold and hot Wars against once again.

The other images show tropies of the victories of Russia in Ukraine, and the capture of Western tanks, that were recently put on display in Moscow. The hundreds of billions that have been funnelled to the Urainian Nazis have led to this Western humilation, which again is something to celebrate this Victory Day,

79 years of Victory Day!

Yesterday it was HitlerToday it is Zelensky/NATO;

Tomorrow it will be Israel/US!