May 9, 1945: Nazism was defeated by the Red Army. This fight continues today!

Happy Victory Day, May 9, 1941 – 1945

By Frederico Costa[1] and Érico Cardoso[2]

Every human being who loves freedom owes the Red Army more than he will ever pay in a lifetime.

Ernest Hemingway

May 9, 1945 marks the surrender of Germany to the Soviet Union in World War II, after two months of the Battle of Berlin between the Red Army and the Nazi Army. The so-called “D-day”, the landing of troops from 13 countries commanded by the USA and England on the French beaches of Normandy, occurred a year before the German surrender to the USSR, was an Allied military advance that won the liberation of France, but not victory over Germany. The US victory over Japan was not celebrated until August 15, 1945.

The Second World War began with a dispute between imperialist powers in 1939, but soon, in 1941, it assumed the character of a war of conquest of the USSR by the German Nazi state. The war left destruction never seen before. Deaths reached an estimated total of 70 to 85 million human beings, counting those who died from starvation and disease as a direct result of the war, that is, more than 3% of humanity [3]. Dozens of cities were reduced to rubble. Resources capable of nourishing, clothing, providing housing, health, education and work to alleviate poverty were used for purely destructive purposes. The environment, in many places, with forests and arable fields, has been reduced to ashes. Such devastation reached human behaviour and subjectivity itself: with generalized violence and systematic massacre of populations. Murder developed on an industrial scale. Examples of this were the Nazi concentration camps, the bombing of the German city of Dresden and the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan which was already defeated.

The structural roots of this catastrophe are present in the very competitive nature of the capitalist mode of production that intensifies with monopoly capitalism. Imperialism elevates competition to the political-economic level, taking an increasingly military-economic dimension by dividing the world between the imperialist powers. States and their armed forces participate in disputes between powerful industrial and financial groups. The world wars were the product of the imperialist system’s tendency towards aggressive expansionism.

After the first inter-imperialist war (1914-1918), the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Red Army, created and led by Leon Trotsky, against the invasion of the USSR by a military coalition of 14 countries, prevented the restoration of capitalism in Russia. However, the fact that there were no new victories weakened the Soviet proletariat. The workers’ state (expropriation of the bourgeoisie, monopoly of foreign trade and planned economy) survived, but in a deformed way, with the emergence of the rule of bureaucracy and its political expression: Stalinism.

In fact, the Second World War was not a struggle between democracy and fascism, but a dispute between imperialist powers for world hegemony. German imperialism was no different from other imperialisms: crimes against humanity weigh on all of them. However, German imperialism, despite being subjected to the humiliating Treaty of Versailles, soon recovered from the defeat of World War I, helped by the interest of the big monopolies and other Western imperialisms in crushing the socialist revolution in Germany itself (1919 and 1923) and then invaded the USSR. Under the banner of Nazism, the country soon returned to being a much stronger military power than in the First World War and triggered the Second World War that began with the occupation of Poland on September 1, 1939,

The objective of imperialism was to destroy the Soviet Workers’ State: 70% of the Nazi armed forces and another three million soldiers were deployed against the USSR

Hitler easily won the war in Western Europe, with victories in the Netherlands and France in 1940. It was then that the Nazi military machine turned, in 1941, to its central objective: the destruction of the Soviet workers’ state, the which meant a full-scale counter-revolution. On June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa began. To destroy the Red Army, Hitler mustered at least 152 German divisions, including 19 Panzer divisions and 15 motorized infantry divisions, as well as 15 Finnish and 14 Romanian divisions. In terms of equipment, the German forces totalled about 3,350 tanks, 7,200 artillery pieces and 2,770 aircraft that represented 65% of the first-line air force (GLANTZ; HOUSE, 2009).

It was a real disaster for the Soviets. A completely preventable disaster. Even with 39,000 guns and mortars, more than 9,000 planes and 11,000 armoured vehicles, after the first week of battles, there was little left.

“The German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, together with the Stalinist sabotage of the Red Army (liquidation of its generals, refusal to prepare the country for the German attack, and the blockade of the resistance in the first days of the invasion), practically led to the destruction of the USSR in 1941”.

COGGIOLA, 2015, p. 178-179

However, after a series of colossal defeats, the Soviets stopped the Nazis at the gates of Moscow, in a battle that officially lasted from 30 September 1941 until 20 April 1942, despite Stalin’s excessive errors. Hitler, at an event in Berlin on October 4, 1941, even claimed that the advance to Moscow would be in its final stages, being the greatest battle in history and that, once killed, the Soviet dragon would never rise again (NAGORSKI, 2015). The cost was very high for the Red Army: 1,896,500 losses among dead, missing, prisoners and hospitalized. It is important to note that, due to the treatment given by the Nazis to Soviet prisoners, most of them were sentenced to death.

The strategic turning point came with the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad in February 1943. If it won, German imperialism would emerge strengthened both strategically and economically, with possibilities to launch an offensive against Moscow, the Middle East and even Great Britain. However, of the mighty 330,000-strong Nazi 6th and 4th Armoured Army, only 91,000 hungry and exhausted soldiers remained, including 22 generals who surrendered on February 2, 1943. This Soviet victory was consolidated with another in the largest battle of tanks in a war: the Battle of Kursk, between July and August 1943. From that event onwards, Hitler no longer met the conditions for a major offensive against the USSR, dedicating himself only to defensive battles to postpone the final defeat. From a military point of view,

[…] during the European summer of 1942, the German high command had concentrated 70% of its armed forces against the USSR, that is, 179 divisions, not counting the 71 divisions of its allies (22 Romanian divisions, 14 Finnish, 10 Italian, 13 Hungarian, 1 Slovak and 1 Spanish). Thus, that summer, 250 divisions – about 3 million men – were fighting against Soviet forces .

WERTH, 2015, p. 16

The best German troops were on the Eastern Front and not on the Western Front, in addition, the Red Army inflicted 75% of the casualties to the Third Reich army in the war (COGGIOLA, 2015). In an attempt to distort the fundamental importance of the Red Army to the end of Nazi barbarism, the mythology was created that the German defeat was caused by numbers and not by skill, with the Soviet victory obtained at the price of rivers of blood, while the Generals and Nazi marshals were deified for having fought with few resources and a lot of intelligence, and could have won had it not been for Hitler’s disastrous leadership.

In fact, the victorious march of the Red Army was an event of revolutionary consequences, going beyond the military aspect. Vassily Zhukov, the Marshal who commanded the Soviet forces in the annihilation of the Third Reich, thus portrays this progressive movement.

The victories of the Soviet Army helped the struggle for national liberation in European countries occupied by the Nazis. This struggle was led by the Communist Party and other workers’ parties, which united hundreds of thousands of patriots. With the advance of the Soviet Army towards the Dniester and the gateway to the Balkans, the anti-fascist movement became more active in the satellite countries of Germany. In Bulgaria and Romania, the uprising and national liberation armies grew in number. That summer, Bulgarian partisan units numbered around 30,000 fighters, which immobilized the royalist army. In May, the Hungarian Front was formed on the initiative of the communists in Hungary and, in Romania, a national-democratic bloc was formed, which organized an anti-fascist armed uprising.

In Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece, under the leadership of the Communists, the partisans fought very bravely against the fascist invaders in battles that kept 19 fascist divisions occupied and immobilized.

The Polish people, regardless of Mikolajczyk’s treasonous policy and his government in exile, intensified the armed struggle against the Nazi invaders (TCHUICOV, 2017, p. 15).

The USSR flag flying in Berlin signified the victory of the achievements of the October Revolution of 1917, despite Stalinist deformation and Nazi barbarism. The defeat of the Third Reich opened up emancipatory possibilities for humanity as a whole, from national liberation movements in oppressed nations to the struggle for civil rights in advanced capitalist countries. The victory over Nazism was not the work of Russian nationalism, but of the proletariat of the Soviet Union armed against the greatest monster that imperialism has ever created against communism: Nazi-fascism. Hitler’s defeat was the second greatest victory of the world proletariat after the Bolshevik Revolution.

The struggle against Nazism and the expansion of imperialism against Russia: an essay on World War III

US imperialism became hegemonic in the capitalist world after the second world war, it created a series of permanent financial, military, espionage organizations such as the IMF, NATO, the CIA against the USSR and the international revolution. Whenever necessary, imperialism resorted to the worst Nazi methods, torture, chemical weapons, dictatorships against oppressed peoples, whether Palestinians, Vietnamese, Latin Americans, Iraqis or Afghans.

After the social counter-revolution in the USSR, NATO’s eastward expansion did not cease. NATO, which had 16 members in 1990, now has 30. The overaccumulation of capital from this process of global expropriation, contradictorily, caused an immense crisis in the USA in 2008 and in the European Union in 2010. Countries such as Russia and China occupied spaces in the world market in a vacuum caused by the retreat of the imperialist powers and became players with extraordinarily large resources, such as the mass of the Chinese workforce, or the Russian energy, military and technological resources. As Moniz Bandeira said, “empires are more dangerous when they decline” [4].

Since the end of the USSR, decadent imperialism has carried out, in new forms and rhythms, another Barbarrossa operation. Dozens of new military bases were established in former workers’ states and former Soviet republics. The entire region was conquered taking advantage of the historical dissatisfaction of those populations with Stalinist bureaucracies, fratricidal wars (Yugoslavia), corruption of rulers, coups d’état, “colour revolutions”, hybrid warfare and the use of Nazi mercenaries to repress resistance. Ukraine to join the EU and NATO.

This offensive had its peak in the neoliberal 1990s. The economy was profoundly privatized, de-industrialized and suffered a major speculative attack in 1998. Yugoslavia was torn apart by an artificial fratricidal war that involved the direct military intervention of Yankee and European imperialism. All this did not happen without provoking a growing reaction from some peoples and governments in the region, which were forced to renationalise, centralize and plan strategic fractions of the economy, which was in opposition to the imperialist neoliberal orientation. Against this resistance, a strategy was devised to recolonize countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

This strategy has been explicitly documented. In May 2019, the Rand Corporation, the think-tank of the US military-industrial complex, had listed six options in the matter: 1. Arm Ukraine; 2. Increase support for jihadists in Syria; 3. Promote regime change in Belarus; 4. Explore tensions in the South Caucasus; 5. Reduce Russian influence in Central Asia; 6. Rival the Russian presence in Transnistria.

But even the most sophisticated strategy, under the best prepared logistics and with enormous resources in dollars, weapons and information technology, cannot reverse the trends towards the decline and overcoming of imperialism whose offensive dialectically strengthens a bloc of sanctioned countries, supported by productive forces that are less dependent on speculative financial circuits and that are about to create alternatives for the de-dollarization of their economies. These inter-bourgeois contradictions and between blocks of nations have created tensions that make the current war in Ukraine the prelude to the third world war.

The growing resistance on the part of the Eurasian bloc must not feed any illusions that the bourgeois forces that lead these oppressed nations will be able to offer consistent resistance in the anti-imperialist struggle. For only the proletariat organized in a communist and revolutionary international will be able to carry out this task. The construction of this organism today passes through the tactic of the anti-imperialist united front, which must submit to the strategy of permanent revolution in the face of the inability of the struggle of the Eurasian leaderships to defeat imperialism.

Today, in Ukraine, a new struggle against imperialism and Nazism is being revived. The USSR has not existed since 1991. Russia today is an anomalous capitalist country, at best a regional power. However, it is not an imperialist country. Objectively, the Russian Special Operation in support of self-determination of the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Russian-speaking region of Donbass (eastern Ukraine) is a progressive action for workers and oppressed peoples around the world against the new Operation Barbarossa.

First, because it represents support for the struggle for national emancipation of approximately 3.5 million workers who suffer attacks from a regime born from a fascist coup in 2014, when the US/NATO invested efforts to arm neo-Nazi movements that continue the policy of collaboration with the military occupation of the country by Nazi troops during World War II against the USSR. In Ukraine, the US soon appropriated the country’s energy resources. Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden has been placed on the board of directors of the country’s leading gas company, Burisma Holdings Limited. The Pentagon has developed several chemical weapons laboratories banned by a treaty signed by 183 countries since 1972 in the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Second, by expressing an active resistance to the plans of imperialism in crisis to break up Russia into semi-colonial protectorates.

Third, after World War II it is the biggest imperialist front against a country: military aid to the Ukrainian Nazi government, censorship, economic sanctions, Russophobia, strategic NATO siege, a ban on all parties opposing the regime, torture and persecution of trade unionists , communists and all who seek to clarify the facts. Once again, imperialism uses Nazism against the oppressed peoples, this time much more explicitly, through mercenaries, against the oppressed peoples of Eastern Europe.

In short, supporting the self-determination of Russian-speaking regions and the denazification of Ukraine is an anti-imperialist action as it clashes with the interests of world finance capital. On this 9th of May, in addition to commemorating the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism, it is necessary to unconditionally stand by Russia in its fight against imperialism.

The day will come that will be the day of definitive victory over Nazism, when humanity will definitively bury imperialism and capitalism.

Long live the 77 years of the defeat of Nazism! Long live the Red Army! All support for Russia against imperialism and Nazism in Ukraine!


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[1] Professor at the State University of Ceará (UECE) and coordinator of the Institute of Studies and Research of the Workers’ Movement (IMO);

[2] Doctoral student of the Postgraduate Program in Education at the State University of Ceará – PPGE/UECE.

[3] The world population in 1940 was estimated at 2.3 billion people.

[4]  Accessed on April 5, 2022. 

Communist Fight issue 9 out now!

Communist Fight issue #9 is now available.

The entire focus of this issue is the war in Ukraine, and the defence of Russia and the population of the Donbass from NATO’s proxy war. The lead article is a full-scale expose of the war propaganda and concentrated lying that has characterised this war from the start, with the entire bourgeois media peddling the most hysterical lies in a manner unequalled since the outbreak of the First World War. This is fitting, because what we are talking about is a slow-motion Third World War, or at least overt preparation for it, being waged by US imperialism to try to shore up its declining world hegemony, which has reached crisis point. They are desperately searching for a way to destroy both China and Russia to preserve ‘full spectrum dominance’, ie. US world hegemony. The lead article also focuses heavily on the blatant racism being fomented in Britain by the warmakers, racialised indulgence of Ukrainians going hand-in-hand with abuses against non-whites refugees from the Middle East and Africa, while Russians are blatantly targeted for persecution and sporting and cultural figures, even dead ones, are targeted for racist bans.

The main focus of the issue is the International online forum that took place between Communist and Anti-Imperialist organisations on 26 March. The entire transcripts are in this issue. Along with the May Day statement that was initiated from that forum, has been signed by most of the participants in that forum, and many more. At the time of May Day it had gained the support of 22 organisations from six continents, with more undoubtedly on the way, and an impressive list of individual supporters. It embodies our attempt to create something akin to the Zimmerwald Left that provided a revolutionary focus during WWI, and which laid the basis for the emergence of the Communist International. We desperately need a mass revolutionary international today, to provide revolutionary leadership against the potent threat of imperialist WWIII and climate catastrophe. In this regard also the journal also contains the statements of the LCFI on the outbreak of the war, and also a statement of the South Korean Bolshevik Group, which we also consider highly principled, as well as a statement documenting our work in Britain with the International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity, under whose banner we have been active since the Maidan coup in defence of the people of the Donbass.

There are also articles on the French Presidential elections, and the recent consistitutional coup in Pakistan that ousted the hardly-radical president Imran Khan for disobeying US imperialism over Russian sanctions. And there is an important article on the Malvinas War, 40 years after the event, that looks at the implications of today’s rise of China for fighting US imperialist domination in South America.

All in all this issue is very focused on the struggle against imperialism and war and is a significant contribution to rearming the left to struggle against these.

NATO Expansionism, the Ukrainian Far-Right and Full-Blown Racism

Lies, lies and more lies!

Ukraine’s NATO-puppet Zelenskyy caused uproar by introducing Azov Nazi to Greek Parliament. 

The Ukrainian nationalist fetish with Nazism

Russian forces crossed the border into Ukraine on 24th February 2022 and the western world went into meltdown. What is a defensive military operation by Russia was seen by the imperialist West as a full blown invasion into a sovereign territory with Ukrainian history starting in 2022. To have some objectivity and understanding of how the Ukraine ended up here one needs to go back to at least November 2013. The start of the Euromaidan colour revolution, which culminated in violence with the rise of the Right Sector nationalists taking to the streets of Kiev and the forcing out of Viktor Yanukovich, the democratically elected pro-Russian President of Ukraine. This coup was unconstitutionally ratified[1][2] by the Rada on 22nd February 2014 leading to the Russian speaking and populated Donbas areas in the east, Donetsk and Lugansk, declaring autonomy with a referendum[3] that was declared on 11th May 2014. The referendum resulted in 89% voting in favour of self-rule, with 10% against, with a turnout of nearly 75%[4]. Germany, acting for the EU, along with the US and the new illegitimate government of Ukraine, refused to accept the result with Angela Merkel informing Putin that any elections in the East must be held under Ukrainian law. The blatant hypocrisy was that no such consideration or observance of legality and constitutional norms either by the Europeans or the Americans was afforded to the ousting of Yanukovich.

Since 2014 over 14,000 people have died in the ongoing conflict in the East [5] with atrocities being carried out by the Azov Battalion, who were formed as a reactionary force against the self-determination of the people of the DonbasS. The self-declared Nazis, who use the Wolfsangel insignia used by the Nazi SS, have a history of carrying out torture and war crimes. The spokesman for the Battalion, Andriy Diachenko, in March 2015 openly told USA Today[6] that 10% to 20% of the group’s members were Nazis and with their zeal they made ideal shock troops to fight ‘separatists’ as an alternative to what was otherwise a poorly organised Ukrainian military. Even the US administration declared them a terror group, which was then overturned by Congress in 2016[7]. But to ensure that training and funding by the Americans and Canadians could continue for this fascist group, it was simply absorbed into the Ukrainian National Guard to provide it with the cover of respectability.

In a country that has a 17%[8] ethnic Russian population and which has increasingly become Russophobic, it is hardly any surprise that racism is prevalent when Ukraine provides cult status to the Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera. The cult of Bandera has whitewashed the history of fascism in the Ukraine and the atrocities that were carried out against Poles, Jews and Communists during WWII, which were to cleanse the land from what they saw as ‘undesirables’, all in the false belief of achieving a ‘state’ in collaboration with the Nazis[9][10]. Ukrainian politicians have deliberately airbrushed over his and the crimes of others by bringing in this fascist son of Ukraine into the sphere of normal day to day life, renaming streets and districts after him, erecting statues and even at one point providing a national holiday in his honour. This is all designed to provide a level of respectability, not only for Bandera, but for their new brand of nationalist anti-Russian fervour. Both Israel and Poland have previously raised concerns and objections through their diplomats against this blatant revision of history[11]. Racism is not unique to the Ukraine but has also been simmering underneath the political landscape within the rest of Europe. However, this rose to the surface once Russian military operations were underway.

Attacks on Russian culture and legitimising Russians as targets

Russian concerns for ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, the autonomous eastern Republics, the failure of Ukraine while acting as a proxy of the US to implement the Minsk II Protocols[12], and with an increasingly belligerent NATO and its own security being security threatened, Russian patience finally snapped. Immediately the British press as well as that of the other European and American media went onto a war footing attacking anything cultural and politically identifying as Russian. This deluge of Russophobia included not only sanctions against any individuals or businesses perceived as having a ‘relationship’ with Vladimir Putin, but have also included Russian and Belarusian paralympic athletes who were then banned from competing by the International Paralympic Committee, the banning of Russian and Belarusian tennis players from Wimbledon, the International Tchaikovsky Competition removed from the World Federation of International Music Competitions , the University of Florida renaming its Karl Marx study room, Bicocca University cancelling a course on Dostoevsky, the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) banning Russian felines from participating in events, and Netflix stopping production on an adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel ‘Anna Karenina’. Literally anything associated with being Russian is seen as a ‘legitimate’ target in a whirl wind of cancel culture and cultural vandalism. Compare this to the illegal wars by the US and Britain and the immediate double standards are all too apparent.  Where have we seen the call for sanctions to be applied to Britain and the US who consistently prosecute wars with impunity, murdering thousands of innocent civilians indiscriminately in the process?

But it doesn’t simply end there; Andrij Melnyk, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, when being interviewed by the newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ declared all Russians as enemies[13]. This makes all Russians a legitimate target for violence, which is not any different from the ideology of Da’esh and Al-Qaeda, who announce that all British, American and civilians from other western nations, are legitimate targets in their ‘holy war’ against the West. Where was the denunciation from the EU that a senior foreign diplomat sitting in Germany was encouraging racist violence toward civilians? This anti-Russian bile hit new heights when Ukraine’s own Doctor Mengele, Gennadiy Druzenko, claimed during an interview on Ukrainian television that he had ordered his doctors to castrate any captured injured Russian POWs because they are cockroaches and not people[14]. This was a call for war crimes to be committed, a blatant disregard for the Geneva Convention which provides protection for all prisoners of war. The flirtation with Nazis seems to be commonplace, a live broadcast on the Ukrainian channel 24 consisted of the TV presenter[15] alongside a photo of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann appearing on the screen. He then went on with his racist genocidal tirade “I know that in Russia they call us Nazis and fascists, therefore, I allow myself to quote Adolf Eichmann, who said that in order to destroy a nation, you must destroy, first of all, its children. Because if you kill their parents, the children will grow up and take revenge. By killing children they will never grow up and the nation will disappear.” He then added “You have to understand that it’s about the victory of the Ukrainian people, not about peace. We need victory. And if we have to slaughter all your families I’ll be one of the first to do it, and hope that there will never be such a nation as Russia and the Russians on this earth again.”

War crimes are being committed by the Ukrainians and the silence coming out of western political circles is deafening, when there is a whimper people try to justify it. Questioning any of this instantly earns one a ‘Putin lover’ tag to immediately stamp down on any debate. The clown prince, Zelensky, has been culpable in this, he has sacrificed his people on the NATO altar with a promise that which will never materialise. His outrageous claims to the world audience have been nothing short of a desperate call for NATO to come and save him and a potential escalation towards WWIII. He has deliberately handed out weapons to all and sundry throughout the population, not only making civilians a poorly trained potential target but also putting guns into the hands of fascists and criminals. Some of his outlandish claims have been debunked, including the attack on Babyn Yar that never happened[16] and the ‘bombing’ of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which in reality was fire in a training block outside its perimeter[17], and the destruction of a Turkish mosque[18] in Mariupol, something that Turkey itself refuted. He is a puppet that is having his strings pulled from behind the scenes by those that really have the power, the Americans, the corrupt Ukrainian oligarch criminals and the far right, his performances are worthy of his role as an entertainment actor and not the pin up boy the media are trying to portray him as.

There is ample evidence through witness testimonies given to independent journalists of atrocities being committed by Ukrainian forces towards their own citizens, with claims of beatings[19] and executions of anyone suspected of having sympathy or having collaborated with Russian forces. Interviews with civilians finally escaping areas such as Mariupol after multiple attempts, claiming that Azov soldiers have used them as human shields[20] with threats of being shot should they try to escape. Photographic evidence has surfaced of bodies wearing white arm bands, as also do Russian soldiers as an aid to identify themselves, bodies with their hands tied behind their back some with Russian food aid parcels scattered nearby, as occurred in Bucha[21][22]. Accepting Russian aid could be seen as an act of treachery and it is no stretch of the imagination that such treason would be punished. This is particularly true as in the case of the Mayor of Kherson[23], while acknowledging the distribution of Russian aid, which in itself is hardly the actions of a force that are hell bent on killing citizens simply for being Ukrainian even more so that Russians also live in the population, stated that “So Russians want to send their humanitarian aid, but the people of Kherson are refusing it. Because they are patriots and they don’t want aid from Russians. They want aid from Ukrainians. So we are not receiving humanitarian aid at the moment”. In other words he was forbidding acceptance of Russian aid given the risk of people starving.

Despite Russian forces retreating from the area several days before and the Mayor of Bucha[24] not mentioning any executed civilians in his address to the cameras the day after that retreat, accusations of dead bodies littering the streets and war crimes started filtering through several days after Ukrainian forces announced a sweep of the area, a sweep to filter out any unwanted elements. When the accusations of Russian war crimes surfaced, Russia immediately requested an urgent UN meeting to discuss these accusations, this request was steadfastly refused by the British chair. This refusal flies in the face of natural justice and seeking the truth and is clearly a manoeuvre by the British to cover over what could be an inconvenient embarrassment. Footage has also emerged of executions of bound Russian soldiers[25][26], in stark contrast of an absence of any footage of Ukrainian soldiers being executed. War is never surgically clean, it is incredibly dirty, bloody and inevitably civilians become trapped in the crosshairs resulting in innocent casualties. What is striking is that while footage of alleged atrocities towards Russian soldiers and civilians at the hands of Ukrainian fascists is in the public domain, are the excuses from western commentators who suggest that these are either false, or at best questionable requiring forensic investigation to confirm what had taken place.

Compare this with accusations of Russian war crimes, no such due process is necessary for war mongers like Biden and Johnson to immediately declare ‘genocide’. This guilt without trial not only debases genocide but also undermines the due process required in holding war criminals to account, the guilt is automatic and without any scrutiny. This is just a continuation of the archaic demonisation of Russians, no less than how the Nazis saw Russians as being ‘sub-human’ to justify the barbaric treatment and wholesale slaughter in the East during WWII. Where were the calls and immediate guilt applied to the US and Britain for its wars and appalling loss of life in Afghanistan and Iraq? Nearly 1 million people died in Iraq in a brutal military operation described chillingly by the Americans as ‘Shock and Awe’, with the indiscriminate levelling of cities like Mosul and Fallujah. US torture facilities were set up in Abu Ghraib to illegally torture Iraqis away from the prying eyes of the world. Where were the calls for war crime investigations, where are the individuals including politicians being held to account?   Anyone daring to expose these war crimes are immediately punished, as were Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, the latter who is going through the process of extradition to the US where he faces a potential 175 years behind bars. Where are the sanctions against the main protagonists, the US and Britain? There is currently a war in Yemen, over 377,000 people have died, many being children. Britain is fuelling this conflict by providing arms, yet the appalling number of deaths in Yemen pale into insignificance when comparably much smaller numbers die in Europe. All too often the colour of a person’s skin, along with their cultural and religiously identity, determine the status of victimhood in times of war. What makes this even more sickening is that the US calls for the ICC to investigate Russia, while the US itself applied sanctions on the ICC in an effort to avoid accountability through threats. This hypocrisy is astounding.

Western embrace of Ukrainian fascism

The politicians in Kiev, Washington and Europe have deliberately downplayed the role of NATO expansion [27], the history and rise of fascism[28] and the attacks on the people of the Donbass, which are all documented by the (OSCE) Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe[29] all of which are attempts to delegitimise Moscow. Russian concerns are well founded and well documented, not only just by those on the left but also within liberal and conservative political circles and by ex-NATO personnel. But in this new age of propagandist ‘fake news’, the truth has now become lies deliberately propagated by a compliant ‘free’ bourgeois press. The dismissal of  the seriousness and importance of the far right in Ukraine is often supported by claiming that they don’t have a foothold in the Rada and questions about how could a country with Nazi sympathisers possibly have a Jewish President. This is easily explained, while Svoboda secured 10% of the vote in 2012 election and having influenced Ukrainian politics towards the right, it was inevitable that mainstream parties would capitalise on this by simply adopting the same territory. This is in no way different from how the Tories stole the UKIP vote by adopting their politics in the UK elections. Britain left the EU on a wave of nationalism without UKIP ever gaining one seat in a Parliamentary election.

Having ultra-nationalists absorbed into the political and state machinery, such as the police and military, is tantamount to having successfully carried out a coup d’état and getting their dirty hands onto the levers of power. Zelensky was financed by the energy oligarch and then governor of Dnipropetrovska region, Igor Kolomoisky, who himself is also Jewish. It was also Kolomoisky who financed the Azov Battalion, which was initially formed as a volunteer group in May 2014 born out of the ultra-nationalist Patriot of Ukraine gang, and the neo-Nazi Social National Assembly (SNA) group. Both groups have historically engaged in xenophobic behaviour and neo-Nazi rhetoric, physically attacking migrants, Roma and the LGBT communities. The founding leader Andriy Biletsky[30] boasted in 2010, that Ukraine’s national purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against Semite-led Untermenschen (inferior races)”. No argument is required to understand the fascist nature of this group, those that support it, and indeed the state which accommodates such fascists. Biletsky was an MP in the Ukrainian Parliament up until 2019 after having been elected in 2014. For so long the bourgeois press were reporting on the nature and danger of these groups and the political situation in Ukraine, yet in this conflict they have now become heroes. Fascists that have been whitewashed and sanitised for western consumption by the same who were denouncing them, proof indeed that neoliberal capitalism and fascism are bedfellows in times of crisis.

Refugees and racism

Refugees fleeing the conflict have not been spared. While considering that Ukraine is not a member of the European Union, in effect a ‘third country’, white Ukrainians are being  welcomed with open arms. The British government have even set up a scheme that financially provides £350.00 per month for anyone who is able to take in Ukrainian refugees. Contrast this with the fences put up on the Polish/Belarus border, which prevented refugees from other non-EU countries reaching safety and which contributed to a number of unfortunate souls freezing to death in forests. There have been multiple reports of African and Asian students fleeing the conflict in Ukraine not being allowed to board trains in Kiev, a policy of indigenous first. Those that did make it to the border crossing into Poland were aggressively questioned and redirected into immigration detention centres, while white Ukrainians were immediately welcomed and provided with safe places, support and schooling for their children.

The bourgeois press had no problem at all in accommodating this sickening racism[31]. These are just a sample selection comments of such, this from the BBC – “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed.”; CBS News – “This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan…This is a relatively civilized, relatively European city.”; BFM TV – “It’s an important question. We’re not talking here about Syrians fleeing…We’re talking about Europeans.”; Spanish TV news channel La Sexta – “These aren’t like the other children that we’ve become accustomed to see suffer on TV, these children are blond with blue eyes, this is very important.”; ITV, This Morning – “The US has used [a thermobaric bomb] before in Afghanistan. But the idea of it being used in Europe is stomach-churning.” The latter comment emphasises that Europeans are seen as civilised, despite the horrendous history of conflict on the continent, while those that Europe seeks to exclude are barbarians who are used to such violence.

The empathy for ‘fellow Europeans’, while a distinct lack of it is shown to refugees from elsewhere that are deliberately being left allowed to drown in the Mediterranean and the English Channel in the attempt to reach fortress Europe is sickening. It is plainly clear the there is a hierarchy of what constitutes as a human being. The European Union offshores its legal responsibilities by paying Turkey €billions annually to ensure that refugees from outside don’t reach Europe, despite the fact that it is Western bombs that are raining down on them to begin with. Britain seeks to also offshore its legal responsibilities with the UK Foreign Secretary, Priti Patel, announcing on 14th April while Parliament was in recess, that it has partnered with Rwanda to take in any refugees coming into the UK. There are only a handful of countries globally that treats refugees in this appalling manner, Australia being one of them, which also has a horrendous colonial history with its mistreatment of the indigenous population. The other being Israel, the colonial settler state that racially mistreats Palestinians with impunity and who also offshore their refugees to Rwanda. Perhaps the despicable Patel had an insight into this provided by Israel, given her history of dirty dealings with the ethno-state, which were previously carried behind the scenes of Theresa May’s government and without May even being aware that she was trying to bury handing British overseas aid to the Israeli military before Patel was sacked for her treachery.

Not only does Rwanda have its own history of genocide being carried out but the present Rwandan government has a problem with corruption and human rights abuses, something that the British government were only raising concerns with just over 9 months ago[32]. These concerns have now been miraculously waived to facilitate official British state racist policy towards people fleeing persecution. But this comes at a cost. This ‘partnership’ is set to cost the British taxpayer a fortune with the Tory MP Andrew Mitchell, claiming that it would be more cost effective to place refugees in the Ritz and provide schooling at Eton than to send them to Rwanda. However, this is not about cost, something that even the corrupt Labour Party fail to understand, it is a ‘flag waving’ policy from a disastrously failing government designed to pander to its right- wing base and divert attention from the narcissistic Johnson. What the British treatment of refugees should be about is the UK fulfilling its legal obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention, which is to allow refugees to claim asylum wherever they wish and to treat them with dignity…. just as the Ukrainians fleeing the conflict are being treated. There is no such prerequisite as to how people fleeing war should travel, or how they claim asylum. The all-too-common term of ‘illegal refugee’ is a simple term for governments to hide behind and shirk their responsibility from the consequences of their own foreign policy.

War objectives and the stepping-stone to further conflict with China

The US has declared its intention to continue the conflict by the supply of weapons and other assistance to Ukraine, Biden has announced another package of additional military aid to the tune of $800 million on 13th April 2022[33]. The British government has also announced further military aid with the provision of Stormer armoured missile launchers[34]. This will do nothing to alleviate the issue that Ukraine finds itself in and will only prolong the suffering of civilians while the conflict continues to its logical outcome. The attack on the Moskva missile cruiser off the coast was a symbolic act, very much as the sinking of the Belgrano was during the Falklands conflict, an act to affect morale. However, all this has achieved is to further cement Russian resolve and to escalate retaliation. Russia is in this for the long run and while western political commentators claim that the ‘invasion of sovereign territory’ is to annex the Ukraine and absorb it into a ‘greater Russia’, the reality is completely the opposite. Russian objectives were clearly defined at the beginning of this conflict; prevent Ukraine becoming a NATO member to ensure that missiles could not be placed 5 minutes flying time from Moscow, something that the Americans would never allow if it was Washington; degrade the Ukrainian military, particularly when it came to the Azov Battalion, who have been terrorising the people of the Donbass; and to protect the autonomous regions of the Donbass. All of these objectives are being met.

The western part of Ukraine has been relatively untouched, the military conveys outside of Kiev seem to have been in a holding capacity while military operations were concentrating in the South and East of the country. It is becoming increasingly clearer that the easter part of Ukraine will be partitioned off to protect the Donbass from the horrendous war that has been raging for the last 8 years. Russia has a huge conventional military and is a nuclear superpower, an overhang from its Soviet Union days. Anyone of the belief that Russian resolve will erode and crumble are deluded.  The policy of the US and its allies to fight to the last Ukrainian will fail. In a partition scenario, should this indeed be the case, then at some point a territorial demarcation point will placed within the country. This then removes all possibility of guerrilla warfare and is more likely to result in negotiations and buffer zones. This already has a precedent and is similar to Cyprus in 1974 and which still exists up to today. Additional pressure in the application of sanctions is unlikely to have any effect, which in all likelihood was to be expected by Putin as they were used as a tool in 2014. What is clear is that Russia does not rely on the export of capital, it is an exporter of raw materials. It will simply apply its trade elsewhere. While Russia is the world’s most sanctioned nation[35] any glance of the world map will show that there is a clear disconnect between the US and its western allies, including Australia, and that of the remainder of the world[36] who understand the colonial mindset of the Global North better than anyone. The only people who will be paying for the consequences of this ridiculous economic war will be the working class on all sides.

This conflict in Ukraine was completely unnecessary but deliberately engineered, it wasn’t as if Russia hasn’t been objecting over the last 8 years and it was certainly clear as to what Russia’s red lines were and what those consequences would be should they be crossed. The US and its allies have been playing games and using Ukraine as a football in an attempt to undermine Russia. The end objective is clear, it is an attempt to degrade and subordinate Russia to further pave the way for increasing global domination by the world’s hegemonic power, a power-hungry monster that increasingly ravages the planet through war on peoples and devours natural resources in an insatiable quest for profit. China, which has become the factory of the world for Western capitalism, has flexed its economic muscles which is an unexpected by-product of the outsourcing of manufacturing by the west who have been taking advantage of China’s cheap labour. This is something that the US does not seem to like. Increasingly aggressive US rhetoric aimed at China with forays into the South China Sea, the Indo-Pacific AUKUS Pact, and surrounding China with compliant client states is lurching the world towards WWIII and nuclear annihilation.

As Communists we need to recognise this,  that defeat for Russia will be a catastrophe for the left globally and will set out this path. For this reason we must advocate for the defence of Russia in this conflict, recognise the aggressive role of and stand for the defeat of NATO, the neutrality of Ukraine, and for the self-determination of the people of the Donbass. While we defend Russia we recognise the Bonapartist nature of Vladimir Putin and that of the Russian political landscape, we also recognise that Ukraine exists as a nation and that only Socialist revolution will provide the answer to these problems.






































Pakistan — an Historical Moment  

By Anna Brogan

The current situation in Pakistan is very complex. Pakistan is in a state of turmoil, with the economy staring at a meltdown. It is a huge country with 220 million people, and the ruling class has deep links with the West due to 200 years of colonial rule. It was also an ally of the US in the war against the Soviets and helped to destroy the communist government in Afghanistan in the 1990s. The US poured billions of dollars into that project.

Vladimir Putin and Imran Khan

All the political parties’ economic policies are neo-liberal capitalist policies designed by the IMF.  What the IMF has done to the Pakistani economy (and other Third World economies) is nothing short of criminal, galloping inflation, rising cost of living, deindustrialization and no real growth. The debt crisis and what the IMF has done to Pakistan has destroyed the country. 27 Power Stations have been closed because they do not have enough oil, there are areas without any electricity 24/7.

Political parties in Pakistan are dominated by large landed capitalist families who play ball with the military. Imran Khan (IK) is a right-of-centre politician who was able to use his celebrity status to get ahead in politics and work with the military to get votes.

 Imran Khan (IK)  Prime Minister of Pakistan was ousted by a vote of no confidence. Although IK has the support of the middle class, he did not get a majority of  the votes in the general election, other tiny parties lined up to provide IK with a majority but crucially  he had the support of the military.  The military is known as the “umpire of Pakistani politics” They have now withdrawn their support  and IK’s party has split and some have now joined the opposition. The military bureaucracy is far stronger than any/all parties.

The old elite, the feudal inheritors claim that they became concerned that IK had not been able to come up with an effective team and deliver on his election promises.

For 3 years the opposition has been demanding a vote of no confidence in IK. They said that IK had failed to fix the crumbling economy (inflation is nearly 20%) and root out corruption.

IK tried to postpone the inevitable and delay the vote to oust him by going to the Supreme Court against his own MPs (seeking lifelong disqualification for aligning with the opposition)  the Supreme Court  ruled that IK’s  attempt to dissolve Parliament and call new elections was unconstitutional.

IK popularity has nosedived with rising inflation and high unemployment. The economy is in tatters.

IK’s Government has done very little for the majority of the people. It went back to the IMF for help. The IMF has suspended its programme in Pakistan and there is going to be a balance of payments crisis in Pakistan. They need about 5 billion dollars. (Pakistan has gone to the IMF  23 times)

The IK Government has suppressed the voices of laid off workers activists. The government did nothing for women’s rights activists, instead of supporting the Sexual Violence bills put forward by the Women’s movement, the government sent the Bill to the Council of Islamic Ideology which dismissed the Bill…

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to defend IK, and he has had many large rallies since the vote of no-confidence.

The Military plays a central role in Pakistan. Since 1947 No Prime Minister (PM) in Pakistan has completed a five-year term. The Military took over each time.

Now the fact is that the US has several Military bases in Pakistan and has in fact extended its military presence there because of Pakistan’s geo-political situation and US plans to extend the Middle East war wider. In order to justify its counter-terrorism programme, the US has increased its covert support for “terrorists”

In 2005, a US National Intelligence Council and CIA report predicted a “Yugoslav – like fate for Pakistan -such as was recently seen in Balochistan” (Energy Compass 2.3, 2005)  Further, this report stated  that by 2015 Pakistan would be a “failed state”  with “complete Talibanisation and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons” (Times of India 13th Feb 2005)

It is not surprising that the US wanted IK out, he has done several things which would incense the US. He was a longtime critic of the US war in Afghanistan and the West in general.  According to the New York Times and the Pakistani Media, relations became rather strained with the US after the CIA and Pakistan were in talks about a US Military base in Pakistan for Drones. Pakistan agreed to the base but only if Drone strikes were signed off by the Pakistan Military, so the strikes would be against the “terrorists” who the Pakistan Military deemed to be anti-Pakistan and not those they considered friendly to Pakistan.  The US disagreed, but the Pakistan Government denied that these talks had taken place.

IK said that he is the victim of a foreign conspiracy hatched in the US. He said he was asked to join yet another US war and he said NO. When he was asked about US bases in Pakistan he  said “Absolutely Not”

IK’s position on Afghanistan, Ukraine etc. would not have pleased the US. IK praised India’s Foreign Policy on Ukraine in maintaining a neutral stance. (India buys oil from Russia) IK was in Moscow when the war began in Ukraine. He went to Russia with the blessings of the Army to get a deal on oil and wheat, once the US contacted the Army and stated its displeasure at the way Pakistan had voted at the UN on Ukraine.

IK has not helped his case by expressing support for the Taliban!! and Osama bin Laden. A General in the Indian Army said on TV that the US thinks that Pakistan has been two timing them with the Taliban, that this was why the US had the failure in Afghanistan, this is of course a fiction, the US war was doomed to end just the way it did.

IK has said Muslim Countries have let down Palestine and Kashmir…

He also said that the PM of India Modi is a Fascist and a Nazi…(there was no response from India.)

Most damning of all was the emergence of old videos of IK being extremely critical of Pakistan’s Army, mentioning genocide in Baluchistan and that they have killed people and taken money from the US.

All of the statements IK had made and which his enemies are now using to gloat over his downfall are true – but an Indian General said the fact that IK raised the issue of material transmitted to the Pakistan PM’s Office regarding a discussion between American Assistant Secretary of State Lu and his Pakistani counterpart, in front of a public rally is unheard of and this sealed his fate. IK waved a piece of paper at a public mass rally which he said was proof that he was the victim of a US hatched conspiracy.

The Indian general said that Pakistan did not conform to the norms of diplomatic behaviour….

There will be a massive Trust deficit in the diplomatic community re Pakistan, and nobody will want to speak to a Pakistani diplomat “.

(So, the truth is irrelevant, just “proper diplomatic behaviour” – is what matters.)

Huge Protest in Lahore after Imran Khan was ousted as Pakistan’s Prime Minister 

The Indian General also said the US is watching all countries which have not condemned Russia. He said the EU, US and Germany wrote to every country which was neutral and said “Please don’t be neutral, please condemn this aggression”

Once IK had divulged the contents of the EU letter, the US was very angry and  conveyed this to the Pakistan Army Chief who promptly went on TV and in English said that the Foreign Policy of Pakistan will be in line with the US, despite the fact that the Army knew what IK was going to Russia for and agreed with his stance, they were not willing to do anything to upset US interests.

Pakistan’s geo-strategic location on the border with Afghanistan is of immense importance, especially to the US, it provides a pathway to Central Asia. Pakistan has extensive oil and mineral resources which is largely in the Balochistan region. Balochistan makes up more than 40% of the land mass of Pakistan. The Iran-India pipeline will transit through Balochistan. There is a deep sea port (Gwadar) in Balochistan on the Arab Sea, not far from the Strait of Hormuz, where 30% of the world’s daily oil supply is shipped.

Foreign oil/gas contractors such as BP, Italy’s ENI, Austria’s OMV and Australia’s BHP are in Balochistan – Pakistan’s oil/gas companies which have the larger stake in the oil fields were privatised under the IMF/World Bank in 1994.  Pakistan plans to finalise a Russian built gas pipeline despite international pressure.

The new government is clueless, the Prime minister is just another right-wing politician. not in office to serve the people but to serve his own interests. His brother is in prison for criminal activities. The cycle starts again.

The new PM is going back to the IMF to beg for renegotiation of the debt because he needs money to buy oil. He is under tremendous pressure to get rid of  whatever subsidies are in place and raise the price of gas.

Pakistan needs a  Communist/Worker’s Party which breaks from the elite and ruling class agenda, for workers’ power. Every other Party has come and gone including the Military. They have all gone to the IMF and done what the IMF instructed them to do. The Communists are the only ones who are willing to think outside the Neo-Liberal Capitalist box. Nationalise the Mines, oil and gas and break with Imperialism.

March with Anti-Imperialists at London May Day – Sunday May 1st

 The groups involved in the March 26th panel and initiating the May Day Statement are putting out a call for joint actions on May Day through marching together at May Day marches. This is happening in London on May 1st in London. The March itself will assemble at Clerkenwell Green at 12 noon.

The two agreed slogans of the bloc are:

• Down with NATO’s proxy imperialist war in Ukraine!

• for the right of Russia to defend itself against imperialist encroachment!

For any further information about this initiative please email .

French Elections – The Strangler vs the Axe-Murderer

Arch-Neoliberal Emmanuel Macron (left) vs ‘moderate’ fascist Marine Le Pen

The current French election epitomizes the ‘choices’ that the capitalist system offers to working class people in the absence of revolutionary class politics. Arch-neoliberal Emmanuel Macron topped the poll in the first round on 10th April with 27.85 of the votes, followed by the fascist Marine Le Pen on 23.15%, with the leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon in third place with 21.95%. Thus, in the second round on 24 April, Macron faces Le Pen, and Mélenchon is eliminated.

There is a real possibility of a Le Pen victory in the second round, mainly because Macron is an arch-enemy of French working class people who has launched many attacks on democratic rights, living standards, welfare, pensions in the past five years, as well as pandering to anti-migrant racism and Islamophobia in a way that rivalled that of Le Pen. One factor that militates in favour of Le Pen in the second round is that while Le Pen has sought to play down the essentially fascist politics of her party (now called National Rally, previously the National Front) for many years now, there was another far-right candidate, Eric Zemmour, a Jewish reactionary who particularly specialized in anti-Muslim attacks, who gained 7% of the vote. Naturally he has endorsed Le Pen for the second round. But Macron will not inspire class conscious workers to vote for him even against a fascist: many such people consider him equally odious.

There was a working-class popular uprising against Macron’s attacks in late 2018, that of the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) who initially exploded against rises in taxes on fuel, and taxes on pensions.  The fuel tax, in a typically mendacious half-truth, was ‘justified’ by claims that Macron was doing something about climate change. However as usual, he was attacking the poor: only 20% of the money raised by these taxes was even being spent on anything to do with overcoming the use of fossil fuels to produce energy – the rest was just the usual transfer from the rich to the poor, as of course were the taxes on pensions. All these just happened to coincide with cuts in a wealth tax. The far right attempted to exploit this movement but were driven away by those involved, and it began to show its potential to shift French society and politics to the left before the pandemic struck.

Gilets jaunes confront CRS riot police

Macron’s response to the gilets jaunes was to attempt to brutally crush it by police terror – there were dozens of terrible cases of protesters being maimed, lost eyes and limbs, by police use of deadly high-explosive munitions against protesters. In fact, many may look at the way Macron treated the gilets jaunes and conclude there is little difference between this kind of criminal brutality and the behaviour of actual fascists in power in any case.

Mélenchon is a left-wing opponent of NATO and the EU, and of neoliberalism, albeit not a revolutionary. But many who can be won to a revolutionary position and party support him and must be addressed by Marxists with their tactics. His strong showing is undoubtedly linked to his support for the gilets jaunes, his involvement in attempts to unite this revolt of workers and lower-middle-class people outside the framework of the bureaucratized and class-collaborationist trade unions, with trade union militants in the period of the peak of gilets jaunes activity before the pandemic. Mélenchon called prominently for an amnesty for all gilets jaunes protesters victimized, charged, and convicted in his election campaign. This was certainly a campaign with a real class-conscious aspect to it that Marxists should have given critical support to.

He only narrowly failed to knock out Le Pen, which really would have been a political earthquake, as side by side with his strong showing, the candidate of the historically important French Socialist Party gained a tiny 1.75%; which was a product of the long record of this party in neoliberal treachery, anti-working class attacks, racism, and involvement in international imperialist crimes in North Africa and the Middle East. His narrow failure was partly the responsibility of some of the no-hoper leftists who stood in the first round, like the long-decayed Communist Party (2.3%), the so called ‘New Anti-Capitalist Party’ (0.8%), and Lutte Ouvrière (0.6%) who if they had withdrawn in favour of Mélenchon would likely have seen Le Pen knocked out in the first round. If Mélenchon is deemed critically supportable, then all efforts should have been made to maximise his vote in the crucial first round.

Leftist French Presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Quite correctly, Mélenchon has refused to endorse Macron for the second round. It would be fatal to class politics and class consciousness for the working class left to endorse a bourgeois reactionary like Macron as a supposed ‘lesser evil’ to Marine Le Pen. Le Pen’s rise to the position of not only coming second in the first round, but seriously posing a threat in the second, is a result of the further demoralization of the working class through the support of much of the workers movement and left for Macron as a ‘lesser evil’ to Le Pen. Five years ago, Macron was a new political entity. Though he had been a minister in the administration of the neoliberal ‘socialist’ Francois Hollande’s preceding administration, he split and founded his own (bourgeois) party, En Marche, beforehand and won the election as an overtly neoliberal pro-EU chancer, a sort of French Thatcher/Blair composite, but without even a labour movement connection. Now he is a discredited chancer, and if re-elected will only further undermine the working class.

Marine Le Pen fortunately does not have a fascist military cadre, steeled in battles against the working class, as Hitler did. If she somehow wins the second round, she will likely try to use her position to create one, but that can be nipped in the bud by determined action from below from the labour movement and the left, which must be prepared to use force in an (initially) defensive sense to stamp such things out. Indeed, the defence of the democratic rights of the French workers necessitates such a force, whoever wins. If Macron wins narrowly, which seems likely, despite his sudden hypocritical reversals of rhetoric to try and placate left-wing voters, he will no doubt be even more keen to adopt elements of Le Pen’s programme, particularly the anti-migrant hatred and Islamophobia, if not her kind of attacks on democratic rights more generally. We already saw that with the gilets jaunes.

The election takes place in the context of the war in Ukraine, and for several years now, one of the tactics of the Russian government has been to try to curry favour with various dissident trends in Western politics, including far right elements like Trump or Le Pen who it judged may be more isolationist than mainstream bourgeois politicians like Macron. There is an aspect of this that is a descendant of the Stalinist ‘tactic’ of the international popular front, seeking an alliance with whichever faction in the imperialist countries is considered ‘peace-loving’, i.e. more likely to leave Russia alone. Likewise with the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact between Stalin and Hitler, which proved to be Stalin’s biggest political mistake, which disarmed the USSR against the Nazi invasion, precisely Hitler’s biggest operation in World War II.

Earlier, Putin hoped to be accepted into the imperialist club (G-7). His bourgeois geopolitical illusions actually helped the expansion of NATO to the East. China and Russia tacitly supported the invasion of Libya in the UN Security Council abstaining on the creation of the no-fly zone that wiped out Gaddafi’s resistance to Libyan fascist mercenaries, NATO agents, as Azov are today.

Russian support to Trump backfired badly , as he tore up the INF treaty to enable introduction of ‘short range’ nukes into Eastern Europe, obviously a key element of NATO expansion. However, the bourgeois alternative to Trump in the US, the Biden Democrats, were up their necks in the Maidan coup in 2014 and have driven the world to the kind of confrontation and hysteria over Ukraine and Russia’s military action to defend the Russian/Russophone population that was last seen over the Korean War in 1950. Which also happened under a Democratic administration, of Truman. The pro-war liberal hysterics now claim that this particular Russian tactic ‘proves’ that Russia is ‘fascist’, or even that Russia is somehow responsible for the rise of far-right currents to contend for power in the imperialist countries themselves … a remarkable claim, as they arm Nazis with Western weapons and bloodthirsty torturers and mercenaries with immense capital investments as the vanguard of their anti-Russian and anti-Eurasian offensive.

Whether in France or the US, the varied policies of political support to supposedly ‘lesser evil’ or even ‘progessive’ (!!!) bourgeois figures and currents fails even in its own terms. Vote Democrat against Trump and his racist hysteria and attempts to incite fascist violence in the US, and you get Biden instead who funds Nazi violence in the Ukraine and whose efforts have reached the point where it can be said that, over Ukraine, the imperialist bourgeoisie is more and more openly seeking to rehabilitate Nazism itself, while threatening WWIII. In France, a vote ‘against Le Pen’ by the left in favour of Macron will in practice lead to a Macron regime that resembles much of what a Le Pen regime would do. Choosing between the Strangler and the Axe-Murderer has only one predictable outcome – murder. The left needs to steel the working class to fight back militantly against either murderer.

Sign the Mayday declaration against NATO’s proxy imperialist war on Russia

Liga Communista and have launched an appeal for groups and individuals to sign an open letter to be distributed on May Day 2022 against the imperialist NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and for the right of Russia to defend itself against imperialist encroachment.

The open letter hopes to build on the momentum of the panel initiated by the two groups held on March 26th “Marxists speak out against the conflict between Russia and imperialism”.  

As the imperialist offensive deepens in Ukraine and the drive towards WW3 accelerates, it is an essential political task for anti-imperialist forces to also deepen our collaboration. We must work together to build the socialist leadership of a genuinely anti-war movement that is built upon the twin goals of fighting imperialism and building socialism.

To sign the letter please send an email to: or

Some of the groups involved in the March 26th panel are putting out a call for joint actions on May Day through marching in a united front style bloc together at May Day marches. This is a separate political initiative. To join this initiative please email .


On May Day, the international day of solidarity of the workers of the world, the following groups and individuals proclaim our united opposition to the greatest threat to the global working class: imperialist war. We declare our refusal to accommodate ourselves to the war drive of world imperialism against Russia.  We hoist on our banners today the following:

• Down with NATO’s proxy imperialist war in Ukraine!

• for the right of Russia to defend itself against imperialist encroachment!

Those on the Left who seek to emulate the propaganda of the ruling class by reducing this global conflict to a national struggle for Ukrainian “self-determination” ignore the following:

Although Russia has been a capitalist state since 1991 it is not an imperialist power in its own right. Imperialism is more than when one state employs military force against another. Imperialism is a stage of capitalism represented by the dominance of finance capital. Russia is not part of the “imperialist club” but a relatively backward, dependent capitalist economy. 

The military operation of Russia in Ukraine is a desperate effort to stop it from being used as a spearhead in the long held plans of western imperialism to turn Russia into a semi-colony to loot its vast internal resources. Ukraine’s integration into the NATO war machine was well advanced before Russia launched its defensive military operation. Russia faced the prospect of its entire western border becoming part of the NATO alliance and a staging ground for the deployment of advanced weaponry, including nuclear weapons, missile defence systems and troops aimed squarely at Russia. 

The 2014 Maidan Coup led by fascist shock troops on the ground and guided by US imperialism, installed an effective puppet government in Kiev. Since the coup this government has not only been a direct tool of US imperialism, but has violently suppressed all Leftists, ethnic Russians, and other minorities. The repression provoked a bloody civil war in Ukraine as residents of the Donbass established the Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk to defend themselves from the violently Russophobic Kiev regime and its fascist attack dogs.

This is why we reject the policy of “revolutionary defeatism” being advocated by many centrist Marxist tendencies. It is not enough to just oppose NATO intervention in Ukraine. Opposition to imperialism means extending support to those in it directly in its cross hairs. This means offering support to both the Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk and to the Russian state. Russia has the right to defend its sovereignty by militarily force against imperialism’s proxy war. 

We are also committed to the genuine independence of Ukraine. However this cannot be achieved under the aegis of an imperialist war alliance that is using Ukraine as pawn.

We oppose the proxy war in Ukraine because it is part of imperialism’s drive to World War 3.  The efforts to subordinate Russia through sanctions, war and regime change, are part of US imperialism’s ever more reckless efforts to maintain its global hegemony and reverse its economic decline against both its imperialist rivals in Europe and rising China. The rivalries are fuelled by the ongoing capitalist economic crisis deepened by the Covid19 pandemic. A NATO victory in Ukraine would not lead to peace but only advance imperialism’s war plans against China. 

A war between NATO and its allies against either Russia or China risks wiping out billions of lives in a nuclear war and unleashing horrors that would dwarf the worst infernos of the 20th century. 

On May Day we recommit ourselves not only to resistance to imperialism but to building an independent movement of the working class internationally to overthrow capitalism through world socialist revolution. The signing and sharing of this statement on May Day is aimed at starting to rebuild concrete links between the genuinely anti-imperialist Marxist forces as part of this process. 

The struggle against imperialism must be forged into a struggle against the capitalist system and all the capitalist ruling classes! War will only truly end when there are no more nation states or classes!

Workers of the world unite!

Groups that have already signed include:

ABC de Luta (Brazil)

Anti-Imperialist Aotearoa (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

Bolshevik Group – (South Korea) (Australia/USA)

Communist Party of the Brazilian People.

Communist League (Brazil)

Consistent Democrats (Great Britain)

Fração Trotskista – Vanguarda Proletária (Brazil)

Frente Revolucionária dos Trabalhadores/FRT (Brazil)

Frontiera Vermelha (Brazil)

Komite Esperansa (Marxist Educational Movement – East Timor)

Militant Trend Bolshevik (Argentina)

New Communist Party – Great Britain

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Anthony Hubert Codjoe, Ghana

Chang-Won Kim – South Korea

Issac Cohen – Great Britain

Mark Copestake – Great Britain

Andy Coombes (UNITE member) – Great Britain

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Mike Gimbel – Retired Executive Board member, Locak 375,  AFSME, AFL-CIO, US

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Greg Rosen – US

Mohammad Basir Ul Haq Sinha, – Bangladesh

Las Malvinas: the perspectives that are opening up today with the crisis of imperialist domination in the South Atlantic

LCFI Statement

The following document is based on the first international declaration against imperialism signed by Trotskyist political groups existing in both England (Socialist Fight) and Argentina (Bolshevik Militant Tendency).  We updated that document in the light of the current conflicts, understanding that the defeats of imperialism in the 21st century mark a turn in favor of the imbalance of the inter-state struggle in favor of oppressed countries. On these defeats we refer to Lebanon (2006), to Crimea (2014), to Syria (2017) and especially from the war in the Ukraine (2022), when Russia imposed a limit on NATO’s Eastward expansion.

In the four decades that separate us from the Falklands War, this is an international declaration that defends the defeat of imperialism and the victory of the oppressed country, however, without capitulating to the bourgeoisie of the oppressed country. Let us not capitulate as those who yesterday took a position of the “third camp”, objectively pro-imperialist, nor yesterday to the military regime, nor today to the “national and popular” government of the Frente de Todos and even to Kirchnerism – nor spare criticism of the Alberto Fernández government and its agreement with the IMF.  .  in the South Atlantic.

The Argentine population feels stripped of its territory and its riches for centuries. . .  The Falklands have three times more oil than the rest of the UK.

The Falklands War was a military adventure to save the Argentine dictatorship using a legitimate vindication of the anti-imperialist cause.

On March 30, 1982, 50,000 workers fought for 6 hours in the streets against the military dictatorship in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Neuquén, Mar del Plata, Tucumán and Mendoza. It was the largest wave of proletarian mass demonstrations during the entire military regime.  The height of popular repudiation was the product of the political impasse in which the regime found itself. The growing economic crisis (bankruptcy of banks and companies, inflation and record unemployment, huge foreign debt,…) accentuated the internal division in the military government, provoked the coup within the coup that defeated Viola and led to the rise of Galtieri and undermined the support of the petty bourgeoisie for the regime. Besieged, the dictatorship resorted to an artifice of distraction provoking an external enemy and appropriated a secular aspiration of the Argentine people to divert popular discontent. This tactic, despite the immense internal crisis, gave life to the Argentine military regime.

The dictatorship did not believe in the British military reaction and opted for American intermediation. He thought that his role as an enforcer for Yankee imperialism, directly supporting the coup reaction and the CIA military in Bolivia and Nicaragua, would bear fruit and, feeling trapped by the current workers’ struggles, he tried to exploit the discontent over the occupation of the Falklands by the United Kingdom, believing that its imperialist masters Americans would be condescending, trying to avoid war, and pushing the conflict toward a negotiated solution that would be favorable to them.

They did not count that the inter-imperialist economic ties  against the oppressed nations, “the imperialist class solidarity” between the US and the UK were stronger than the “gratitude” for the services of bootlickers provided by the Argentine semi-colonial bourgeoisie. In addition to the complicity of the United States and other Latin American enforcer dictatorships such as the Chilean Pinochet dictatorship, Britain also demanded that France cede the secret codes to deactivate the Exocet missiles it had sold to Argentina.

The dictatorship did not believe that the result of its occupation of the island would be a war and was not prepared for such a consequence. In turn, a military victory OF imperialism against an OPPRESSED COUNTRY that did not even prepare for the struggle overcame the crisis of the British government and the other oppressed peoples.  . .  This new imperialist offensive was carried out in England and the United States but had a pilot experience in the Chilean military dictatorship where it was baptised as neoliberalism.  

Another fear of the dictatorship itself is that, in the midst of the crisis in which it finds itself immersed, a defeat of imperialism would not guarantee its survival either, and would also strengthen its worst enemy: the Argentine labouring masses. As Trotsky argued in his famous interview with the Argentine trade unionist Mateo Fosa, assuming a hypothetical war between Brazil, ruled by a dictatorship, and democratic England:

“If England were victorious, it would place another fascist in Rio de Janeiro and strengthen control over Brazil. If Brazil, on the other hand, were to emerge victorious, this would give a powerful boost to the national and democratic consciousness of the country and lead to the overthrow of the Vargas dictatorship. In fact, it is necessary to have nothing in mind to reduce world antagonisms and military conflicts to the struggle between fascism and democracy. You have to know how to distinguish exploiters, slavers and thieves behind any mask they wear!” .

“The anti-imperialist struggle is the key to liberation”, Interview of Leon Trotsky with Mateo Fossa, 23/09/1938

Similarly, by England winning, the Argentine dictatorship would fall in one way or another, as we have already said, the war gave it survival, but the world reaction was strengthened with the victory of imperialism, both in England and in Reagan’s USA, in Chile. Pinochet, in apartheid South Africa, including Peru, the South American country most involved in the conflict by militarily supporting Argentina with fighter jets, ships and medical equipment of the Peruvian Air Force, the right led the way with Alan Garcia and followed with Fujimori.

In England,

“Thatcher has recovered from a disastrous unpopularity in public opinion polls, due to the anti-worker attacks that led to the destruction of British jobs and factories, which would surely sweep her away in the next election. This ideological victory motivated her attack on miners in 1985, anti-union laws and the privatization of public services. And we must point out the terrible consequences of this policy for the British proletariat and the whole world, while many “left” apologists for imperialism have tried to obfuscate their betrayal by presenting as an achievement something quite secondary for the world working class such as the fall of Galtieri. The British working class was ideologically leaderless under the nationalist chauvinism of Labour’s Michael Foot and the other leaders. In 1981-82, Ronald Regan, president of the U.S., and Paul Volker, president of the Fed, the U.S. central bank, defeated the flight controllers’ strike (from PATCO). While the Falklands War was at its height, Reagan launched a ruthless offensive against the American working class, which set the standard for the offensive of all capitalists against their own working classes around the world. All this prepared the coronation of imperialism with the historic world defeat suffered by the planetary working class with the overthrow of the Soviet Union.” .

Ret Marut, “FUA is the tactic, Permanent Revolution is the current strategy in the face of imperialist wars in the semi-colonial world, Socialist Fight #8, Winter 2011/2012
Bourgeois media gloat over Thatcher’s bloodlust

This victory of imperialism in the only direct military confrontation against a semi-colonial South American country after World War II was a decisive battle of the planetary class war. The outcome of the war did not necessarily have to be this, since the outcome of the Vietnam War was not as expected by imperialism and this altered imperialism’s strategic control over Asia, forcing it to seek a heterodox alliance with the Chinese workers’ state against the USSR.

As portrayed in “The Iron Lady” (2011), Phyllida LLoyd’s film  , after the victory over Argentina, the triumphant Conservative prime minister addresses the British parliament to the Labour opposition: “This is a day to put aside differences, keep your head up and be proud to be British.”

The Labour Party follows Thatcher’s guidelines. The left wing of Labour also despised conflict against its own imperialist bourgeoisie and was proud of Argentina’s defeat. These elements drove the recovery of Thatcher’s popularity, the momentary reinvigoration of the British bourgeoisie, the increase in extortion of the proletariat (Poll Tax) and the triumphant reaction on the planet, in addition to highlighting the film through continuous consecutive comments from different characters:

“This rewards everything, their ratings skyrocket, from the most hated prime minister of all time to the beloved of the nation. The world was at her feet and Britain was working again. The business grows, the profits, the profits, the profits, Maggie’s millionaires, the Berlin Wall has fallen.”

In Argentina, hating the dictatorship, the working population took to the streets en masse to protest, especially against Britain, and to reclaim the archipelago. Because of this, one hundred thousand people volunteered to fight for the anti-imperialist cause. But it should be emphasised. For fear of the population, the dictatorship sabotaged the war effort of the Argentina itself, tortured the soldiers and sent them to die deliberately of cold and hunger, refused to expropriate the Bank of London and the British multinationals and ignored the foreign debt to England. More than the disproportion of forces was the political clumsiness of the dictatorship in the anti-imperialist struggle that forced Argentina to surrender on June 14, after battles that claimed the lives of 649 Argentines and 255 British.

Frustration at the defeat continued to take its toll, with ex-combatant centres pointing out that since the end of the war, more than 450 ex-combatants committed suicide because they were in a deep state of depression. This number is higher than the number of soldiers killed in battles on the islands, which were a total of 326; another 323 were killed when a British submarine torpedoed the cruiser General Belgrano. But Argentina’s defeat did not end there, and British imperialism continued to advance in a low-intensity offensive for the past 30 years.

The war is over, but the imperialist offensive in the Falklands continues

In 1986, the United Kingdom first claimed a fishing zone around the Falklands, guaranteeing the right to exercise its sovereignty from the coast up to 200 nautical miles, including the right to the bed and subsoil of the underwater platform. In 1993, the United Kingdom also proclaimed a 200-nautical-mile maritime zone around South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.  The kelpers are an auxiliary force of the British garrison, as are the Zionist settlers of the Gaza Strip are of the Israeli army, they have the spoils made against Argentina after 1982, a loot that already benefits the second generation of kelpers.

British imperialism, a component of the Anglo-Saxon bloc with the US, formed a cordon linking Asunción, Santa Elena, Tristan de Cunha and Malvinas. This cordon serves the immediate and geostrategic interests of England, which are overvalued in times like the current one, of economic recession and overheating of oil prices amid the new warmongering escalation in Africa and the Middle East. In addition to the disputed oil, there is fishing – including the important resource of krill – the possibility of transpolar flights and the fastest route to other members of the Anglo-Saxon bloc made up of oceanic countries (Australia and New Zealand) and Antarctica, as a strategic reserve for the immediate future, being the Antarctic sector on which the Malvinas is projected the most interesting for the facilities for economic viability.

Geostrategic interests in this area of the globe are also highlighted, such as the control of air and maritime traffic in the South Atlantic, that is, between South America and Africa, projecting into the Antarctic seas, the control of the interoceanic route the passages between the Atlantic and the Pacific, the communication with the Indian Ocean from the South Atlantic,  being important for England the maritime lines that lead to Australia,  fundamental for the logistics of the twin creation of NATO in the Pacific, the AUKUS created in 2021.

Malvinas and Oil

The UK can earn up to US$176 million – as early as 2012 — from taxes levied on companies exploring for gas and oil in the Falkland Islands area. According to The Telegraph, the calculation, which was made by consultancy Edison Investment, estimates that if the four fields currently being explored can be explored by oil companies, that would be the benefit to Britain.

Loligo alone, the largest of these wells, has a potential of more than 4.7 billion barrels of oil. This figure stands out if one takes into account that, in the North Sea, the largest deposit discovered in the last 11 years only contains a total of 300 million barrels.  

Added to this is the calculation that the Sea Lion field, the most developed exploration in the region, will produce about 448 million barrels in the next 20 years.

Peronism, incapable of breaking the Anglo-Saxon blockade and less of returning the Malvinas

While imperialism parades with ease, the government of Alberto Fernández does not attack British interests in Argentina, like British property in Patagonia, does not repudiate bonds from the debt with London, does not confiscate Shell, does not investigate the interests of the British crown itself in the lands of southern Argentina.

Imperialism bets on the survival of the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist bloc that historically had its eyes on controlling the Persian Gulf, from where the sap that feeds the Eurasian core comes out, especially its industrial heart (China) and is the gateway to most of Asia (Russia). in the Persian Gulf, the configuration of the twenty-first century world is decided in both the continental northern hemisphere and the maritime southern hemisphere. The importance of the Falklands today is similar to that of the isthmus of Central America, with the Panama Canal.  Today  with the new cold war the possibility of the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist bloc controlling the Persian Gulf is very limited which reinforces that they will not back down on what they already control in the islands of the South Atlantic.

Today, financial-speculative capital tries to reassert itself with a material base by controlling strategic extractive resources. They predict that the predominantly financial-speculative era is ending (the phenomenon of running out of betting chips in the global casino) and that it is necessary to accumulate again, therefore, they need to control strategic resources, especially extractive ones, of the “real economy” to guarantee its reconversion to match that which today manifests itself in the economic development obtained by the Chinese industrial bourgeoisie and the associated techno-bureaucracy. This sector of the world bourgeoisie can already be considered a new player, possessing important chips in the extreme south of the American continent.

China supported on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, Argentine sovereignty over the Falkland Islands through a statement on the website of the spokesman of the Asian embassy in the United Kingdom.

To that we must add the growing economic role  of China in Argentina. the Chinese state holding COFCO that by 2021 was already the second agro-export group in Argentina. Also in 2022 The Chinese mining company Zijin Mining advanced in Catamarca oriented to the exploitation of Lithium (  We must add, for example, Chinese interests in transport infrastructure such as the Belgrano Freight Railway.  

In short, in the last 10 years, Chinese economic interests have grown throughout the national territory oriented above all to the expansion of the country’s productive base in complementary areas of those in China itself, aimed at making Argentina – or the Argenchina – an external and overseas economic province of China.  Also, at the mining level China does not stop growing in Argentina.” in San Juan, the Chinese company Shandong Gold, owner of 50% of the operation in the Veladero mine together with the Canadian Barrick Gold, committed $ 145.5 million to extend the useful life of the deposit until 2030, which will allow the recovery of 1.2 million ounces of gold. In 2017, the Chinese acquired half of Veladero for $960 million. Before the pandemic, Shandong Gold had planned to create 1,100 jobs and his plans also show comparing Pascua Lama to Barrick.

In Jujuy, Ganfeng Lithium disbursed $160 million to  Vancouver-based Lithium Americas for 50% of the Caucharí-Olaroz lithium project, currently under construction. The Chinese company agreed on a financing schedule, which includes an investment of up to $400 million.

In La Rioja, London-based ECR Minerals sold its Argentine subsidiary Ochre Mining to China’s Hanaq Argentina, which also specializes in lithium but at the same time controls the Sierra de Las Minas gold project.

In Entre Ríos, the National Corporation of Technical Import and Export of China (CNTIC) is carrying out an investment of US $ 200 million to build 50 km of gas pipelines, a high voltage line of 132 kw and an extension of optical fiber, which will allow to conclude the energy closure of the north of Entre Ríos.

This expansion of the productive base – especially in the  provinces of the interior of the country – hand in hand with the Chinese expansion brings a certain economic dynamization that constitutes an alternative to the financialization promoted by imperialism. But we must bear in mind that Chinese investments aim to make Argentina as we said an external economic province of China Faced with this,  the national demands that may emerge – such as those that point to a development of the productive base rather than as a complement of China –  can  be framed as progressive in the hands of the working class but taking into account that China does not constitute an imperialist center.

The “third world”, the capitalist unity of Latin America and the “emerging” semi-colonial countries are farces, none of the other BRICS effectively has economic independence from imperialism. In relation to the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist bloc. British imperialism needs to constantly proclaim that it won in 1982 to negotiate with the geostrategic advantages that give it control of the key to the South Seas, in addition to enjoying the economic resources to negotiate on better terms within the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist bloc.

In future it is possible for nationalism in Argentina to be linked to the expansion of the Russian-Chinese pole and within that junction include relying on the Russo-Chinese pole itself in the face of the Malvinas question. That would be progressive since it makes the claims of the oppressed nation like Argentina, but we must not lose sight of the fact that this progressiveness has the limit that both Russia and China are capitalists although with a growing state capitalism.

The contradictions and betrayals of the pseudo-Trotskyist left confronted with the Falklands War

Pseudo-Trotskyist currents such as the Morenoist LIT, claimed to stand in the military camp of the Argentine dictatorship against imperialism in the Falklands War. But in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, in the name of the struggle against dictatorship, they joined the imperialist war propaganda, taking the imperialist camp against the current oppressed nations under attack.

Recently that was reinforced in relation to the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine with which they favor imperialism.  These parties, like Morenoism in the 80s, demonstrate that their anti-imperialism is nothing more than Latin American nationalism or patriotism; a “feeling” that, despite being progressive, being the nationalism of the oppressed nation, has nothing to do with the anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Today the matter is worse,  the heirs of the LIT and pseudo-Trotskyism in general are all the more adapted to public opinion manufactured by imperialism that they cannot even be criticized for any nationalism as we did with the LIT in the 1980s.

The revisionist currents ICL-FI, IMT, CWI and Lambertism originating in the United States, England and France have taken a defeatist, third-camp position, a position that objectively serves their own bourgeoisies against the oppressed nation. These parties capitulated to their own imperialist bourgeoisie, under the fallacious justification of supporting the “self-determination of the Kelpers”, “fighting against the diversionary maneuver of the bloodthirsty Argentine dictatorship”, or because supposedly “Argentine sovereignty was not at stake”.

For the Trotskyists the only principled position must be the struggle for the defeat of imperialism, the distrust in the military junta, for the armament of all the people, the expropriation of imperialist capital in Argentina, the Bank of London and the ignorance of all the Argentine external debt with England. Today, the government of Alberto Fernández, which with its “diplomatic” tactics is objectively more servile and impotent than Galtieri was, while imperialism advances in its colonization of the South Atlantic and Antarctica from the Falklands. Revolutionaries must claim the relevance of the anti-imperialist struggle for the Malvinas, Haiti, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. We must fight in a united front with all the political forces that are resolute for the expulsion of imperialism. At the same time, we must also denounce the collaborationism of the semi-colonial bourgeois governments that pave the way for recolonization. In this struggle, revolutionaries do not feed illusions in their bourgeois allies and demand internationalist and workers’ unity to defeat the imperialist pirates all over the world.

CF leaflet: No vote to Nazi-loving Zionist New Labour!

NATO’s Nazi-Lovers Would Starve Workers in Britain and Russia!

The media-driven war frenzy against Russia over Ukraine is linked to starving and freezing ordinary people and privatising and destroying our basic public services, smashing what is left of the system of social security, and wrecking the National Health Service in favour of privatised medicine. The pandemic has been used as a wedge for that, and now all public health protection against Covid has been junked and healthcare put under massive strain yet again. This was all going on before the war frenzy got underway, but the media-driven hysteria has given the capitalists the cover to put their foot down hard on the accelerator.

The huge rise in fuel costs, which is pure profiteering, likewise was going on before the media war frenzy began but the threat now is that the sanctions (a war measure) against Russian oil and gas will mean prices that have effectively doubled for many, may double again. On top of the cut in Universal Credit, and the NI-rate rise due in April, Inflation is already coursing through the system and increased fuel costs are driving up many other commodity prices, including those of food. The government’s ‘emergency’ response to this this, from Council Tax Rebates to raising NI allowances, is pitiful and will as usual, benefit the wealthy. And we see capitalist ideologues like Adair Turner, former CBI chief and now ‘green’ capitalist ideologue, calling for ordinary people to ‘sacrifice’ for the war drive:

“Putin thinks the west is rotted by liberalism and won’t make the smallest sacrifice to stand up to him. We need to reduce energy consumption to make an impact,” he said, citing a reduction in speed on major roads to around 55mph and turning down thermostats by several degrees as examples of how that could be achieved.”

These parasites won’t need to freeze or starve of course. That is for the oiks. We’ve seen similar garbage from Biden and other leading American politicians, from EU bigwigs like Ursula van den Leyden, from Tory MPs. Meanwhile Keir Starmer, aka Dür Stürmer, has gone from smearing Labour opponents of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as Jew-haters, to covering up for NATO’s support for Nazis and threatening anyone who questions NATO’s supposed ‘moral’ nature with expulsion from Labour. Starmer won’t fight the government over this cost-of-living attack any more that he did over the pandemic, where he did nothing to oppose the repeated sabotage of public health measures the public forced on Johnson. For Starmer and Johnson, profits came before health. In 2020 he supported Johnson in forcing kids into unsafe schools against union opposition, which undoubtedly created the conditions for the deadly, super-infectious Alpha variant which massively increased the death toll in Britain and spread around the world.

Labour grovels to the Tories on virtually everything because it supports neoliberalism and capitalism as a system: within that system there is no room for reforms anymore, only attacks. Blair’s government pioneered many of the current government’s attacks, launched predatory imperialist wars like Iraq, and even began the privatisation of the NHS through PFI hospitals. We advocate that no-one should vote for Starmer’s Labour in local elections or at all: socialists and trade unionists should form a new party to stand for a programme and strategy for abolishing capitalism, not trying to save it at our expense.

The capitalist media is covering up for the large-scale influence of outright Nazis in Ukraine. Like the Azov Regiment, part of the Ukrainian army, which uses the Wolfsangel, Death’s Head and sometimes the Swastika as its symbol. The birthday of Stepan Bandera, a WWII Nazi collaborator whose militia slaughtered numerous Russian and Ukrainian anti-fascists, and 200,000 Jews, is celebrated in Ukraine as a public holiday. The cover-up of these things is especially true in the liberal media, who some might expect to have some conscience about such things. But no, the BBC and the Guardian, who have in the past run exposés of the power wielded by Nazis in Ukraine, today systematically hide this, and suppress discussion. Even their agitation in support of refugees is racist, as the EU gives asylum to Ukrainians because they are white, and their cause is pro-imperialist. Non-whites and victims of imperialism generally are treated like dirt.

The banning of Russia Today is to suppress understanding of this, part of regimenting the population to make ‘sacrifices’ for the capitalist-imperialist war drive against Russia. The middle-class media luvvies have woken up to the fact that their lords and masters, big capital, now regard outright Hitlerites as useful to them. So, these foul hypocrites about-turn and become the most demented in shouting down everyone who questions NATO expansion, its support for Nazis and the obvious fact that NATO deliberately provoked this war.

Why do they hate Russia? Because under Putin, Russia has retreated from neoliberalism and renationalized a large part of the Russian economy that was privatised under Yeltsin. With the massive privatisation ‘shock treatment’ in Russia in the early 1990s, the life expectancy of ordinary Russians fell by six years between 1987 and 1994. That has been reversed because much of neoliberalism has been reversed. Putin’s Russia is not socialist, its still capitalist but the form of capitalism in Russia is out of step with the neoliberal world project of subjecting every country to plunder and profiteering.

US capital and its British and EU servants want to defeat, colonise, partition and plunder Russia, and then move on to China. They are quite prepared to risk nuclear war in doing so, as well as rowing back on even the totally inadequate concessions they have made to combatting climate change to try to screw Russia with sanctions. Russia and China are too big for that, this will likely just fragment the world economy and backfire against the Yankee dollar. But they are desperate enough to risk that also. Profits and plunder come before human survival for imperialist capital. The fall in profit rates that the capitalist system produces creates a desperate hunger for profit from anywhere at all, even if they must risk everything to get it.

Neoliberal capitalism has plundered and destroyed so many of the social gains previously won by organised labour in Western countries and around the world, waging brutal and genocidal wars against anyone who resists, from Iraq to Venezuela to Syria to Libya. It is in the interest of workers in the West to defend Russia and defeat the imperialist war drive, for Russia to defeat NATO and its Ukrainian liberal-Nazi proxy coalition, and to solidarise with the working class of the Donbass, who have been resisting these attacks since 2014, defending themselves against a Nazi war that has killed over 14,000 people.

Freeze/Starve, or Fight to Defeat the Profiteers and Warmakers

No to Austerity! No to the War Drive! Defend Russia! Fight for Working-Class Power!